These type of blog posts are all over the Blogosphere at the moment. Even to the point when I started hating these posts and until when I wanted to put my spoon in the same soup with everyone and share my little thoughts about the matter.

Instagram is a bitch.
And I'm not even sorry for saying that.
There are dreaded words like comment pods, shadowbanning and the devil of them all, the algorithm.

Instagram has lately tested with random users 4-in-a-row type of a grid. I kind of like it, as then you'll be able to see more pictures from the account without scrolling through the whole thing. Despite the fact that I would like it, I hate it because there are thousands of people, bloggers like us and well - non-bloggers who have spent ages to perfect their Instagram feeds. There are themes, there are pictures divided in three and pictures divided in six to nine little pictures and when you look at the account you'll see the bigger picture. I think that if this is something that will happen, it will make some people hate Instagram more than they already do.

I love, love, love Insta Stories. I think that I'm updating there way too much sometimes, but who doesn't? I still haven't managed to talk a lot out loud there as I'm worried what my fellow Finns will think about it (ridiculous I know) even though I know my English pronunciation is fluent AF (not trying to sound selfish here). 
I love how they're a little sneak peek into the real lives behind the grid. 

I don't understand what this even means, properly. But it's something I do not like. I've understood that if you're being shadowbanned your pictures won't show up in hashtag feeds and your account doesn't gain new traffic and new people to fall in love with it. I don't know if it's about adding hashtags to the comments, is it using broken hashtags or same hashtags in multiple posts but it has made me paranoid. That's why I've found this super useful website, which tells me if my latest post was shadowbanned or not. Just being paranoid AF. Once I was, then I switched my hashtags place and content. Then I wasn't. And I was confused.

Are they cheating? I think not. They're just groups of like-minded people following each other, liking and commenting all their recent pictures. Just simple as that. 
Sometimes, when I'm super tired I feel that it's a must thing to do before falling asleep or anything and I'm actually part of three pods at the moment, so how I'm feeling about this is a bit tricky one.
Sometimes I feel I'm forced to do stuff I necessarily don't want to do at that day but then again I love discovering new friends through the pods. I've found so many amazing people through them. It's insanely beautiful and tiring at the same time!

Is the reason behind the pods.
I've learned that this whole algorithm thing works with engagement and time.
Let's say, you're posting a picture. It gains around 20 likes and 5 comments, if you're lucky, in the first hour, your followers will more likely see it at the same day you've posted it. Pictures with less engagement will appear to their feeds, who knows when! It's weird, I actually liked a couple of pictures that were from last week. They were on my feed and this literally happened yesterday. I just can't wrap my head around this and all my explaining here might be a complete bullshit, but this is what I've discovered whilst thinking about the whole thing. It's one complicated mess and I've noticed the pods have helped me, a lot, to get my pictures out there.

I love it, I really do. But I feel like they're trying to change things that don't need to be changed. So many have tweeted that we want the chronological order back, but then again - isn't this a great opportunity to look outside of your own account and engage more with the people you're following and new people. After all, we're all in this together. We all want to grow our accounts organically. We all want that lovely swipe up thing in our Stories. Oh well, I do, but I've still got a long way to that.
Also, it's amazing how creating these pods have brought bloggers together and it's not completely that follow/unfollow game anymore, even though I see that a lot. Way too much.

I love you Instagram, but I also don't like you. I don't like most of the changes you've made, but I've learnt to live with them. I still do hope the good old days will return and growing/being seen wouldn't be as hard as it is now but I want to believe things won't be like this forever.

How is your relationship with Instagram? 



  1. Instagram is so hard isnt it. I have to take regular breaks and not get too focused on the numbers. I agree instagram stories are so much fun!

  2. Oh my gosh don’t even get me started on their algorithm! Is like... does it have to change every single day?? And what on earth is this 4 picture grid about?!!! This horrified me :( and they say being a blogger is “easy”!


  3. I love Instagram filters and I love looking at my friends photos but I am a super bag blogger because I really don't use it to promote my blog... I just post pics of beer and food I consume. :D
    Katja xxx

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with insta. The algorithm is the worst, I woke up one day and all I saw in my feed was photos from 6, 3 or 2 days ago. I mean, what?? But I really enjoy insta stories, so much fun! Hope they change the algorithm soon.


  5. I kind of love creating gorgeous profile there and seeing the ones others have done. It's also a great way to seek for talent like photographers or painters. However, I find it quite time consuming and thus I have taken a little break from it. Additionally, I don't like the fact how many people are cheating with bought likes and followers there - even with payed comments in some cases.

  6. One of the best posts on this topic. I love Instagram and I used to love it and enjoy it even more before, now... khm.. I love it but it's not the same and it's mostly because of all these reasons that you wrote here, dear Jassy.
    I hate comment pods, I've been in once and nope, not ever. I find it very fake, like i have to like (like is even okay) but to comment everyone's photo even If I don't like it or simply I don't feel like commenting.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic. Amazing!

  7. It's definitely a challenging social platform. Thanks for sharing openly and honestly about your frustrations.

  8. Instagram is just making me want to give up on social media. It used to be my favourite for years! But with all these changes that really don't benefit us smaller bloggers, everything is getting just too complicated.

    I do love instastories though.



  9. I totally agree with you on this. Instagram is definitely making it harder for us to use it to build followings but I still like it and don't think pods are cheating in the least. They are needed so engaged followers can see your posts that day. I have found IG to be the lowest generator of traffic for my blog so I am starting to focus on Pinterest more these days.

  10. Instagram is a mess and lately things are getting worst. I am in one pod which is working aan it happens to like other members feed.

  11. I share the same love/hate relationship as you! Instagram obviously has some excellent features but at the same time plenty that we could do without! Why it's evolved this way, I suppose has to do with the influence Instagram now has, and the amount of people trying to abuse that with fake accounts, likes or bots. Who knows how it will continue evolving, but for now, I just enjoy sharing my photos and seeing other beautiful accounts!

    Lara Olivia | Miss Portmanteau

  12. I really like to discover great pictures on instagram and follow celebs and bloggers to see about their lives too. I mostly use instagram to share my pictures when i am traveling though :)


  13. I've tried hard and then hardly cared about my Instagram page, it's definitely a love/hate relationship!

  14. Instagram's changes over the past while have been a nightmare. The algorithm, the shadowbans, everything. I even have Tailwind for Instagram and I still get so frustrated with the constant wavering around the same number of followers. I've had 500 give or take for around four months. I blame that on the follow for follow strategy, which I don't partake in because I want authentic engagement. Plus I don't want to follow things I'm not interested in! It's frustrating, but it's important to remember that Instagram isn't the be all end all. As more and more people become frustrated with that, I think the less pull it's going to have. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  15. That shadow banning part does make me a bit nervous. I know that I have had some posts get banned in some places and not in others. And it all makes me wary of what they are trying to do or how they make the selections. Of course I get not wanting others to game the system but its sad that they resort to things that can do bad things as well.

  16. Instagram is possibly the hardest social media platform for me, I find it hard to not give up on it sometimes!

  17. Instagram is a bitch! haha! I love that statement! I prefer Instagram before than facebook but with all these changes, its getting harder to love it like I did.

    I still like their filters though..


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