Here I am, writing a chatty blog post after a really, really long time. I've got a cup of coffee on my right side, laptop on my lap and GossipGirl on from the TV. I don't know where to begin.

If you've been following me on Twitter you might know that I've been through a lot recently, especially with my physical health; rheumatoid and other shit I'm going to share with you later. You might also know that I had the greatest news of my life and I'm on my way to feel better in every single imaginable way. Something, that I've dreamed of for past 10 years is finally going to happen and I'm both, excited and insanely scared of it. More excited, though. I'm going to share about it later as well, I don't want to jinx it.

On to the plans for the rest of this year, I'm super excited.
Next week, we're heading to Sweden. I'm not that excited about spending 11 hours on a boat from Turku to Stockholm but I'm excited about our little road trip. A couple of stops dropped from the way, but we're visiting two J's relatives and then we're going to spend three days in a hotel in Stockholm. J is the most amazing person, he booked a room that does have a bathtub in it so I'm going to pop over at Lush before we go or somewhere on the way and I'm getting to try two bath bombs I haven't tried yet. Gosh, I love that man to pieces.

I've also planned a trip to Edinburgh at the end of the year and I'm super excited about that as well. Although it's still a bit tricky one (if my surgery happens to be then), I'm convinced nothing's going to stop me.

Ah, the rest of the year is full of such a weird things but you know - we're designed for the life we were given when we were born & whoever decided in which life we were born must have known that we would be strong enough to live it.

Chuck was just shot. And yes, I'm on my way to the 4th season.


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  1. Oh Jassy! I pray that you Get well physically! Your plans for this summer look good and definitely a pamper time is well needed! #LushfortheWin

  2. I love honesty and real talk. Some things that are not the best parts of us, it is not easy to share with everyone - but I am glad that you shared this with us, dear Jasmin.
    Stay strong, keep smiling - and always remember - everything is always as it should be. Enjoy in summer babe!! Can't wait your new posts. Will you write a post about Sweden maybe? That would be interesting to read. :)


  3. Hope you're ok Jassy. The hair looks amazing!

  4. I love chatty post like this!!! You sound as if you have lots of exciting plans coming and can't wait to come back to read about them!

  5. Hope you are feeling ok today. Looks like you have lots of positives to look forward to :)

  6. I hope you get some good news about your health! Especially with all your plans for summer. Also- Edinburgh?? That's not even an hour's train ride from me! :)

  7. Fingers crossed for you health-wise and on the great news. Enjoy your trip x

  8. Sounds like big things are happening for you! I hope everything goes well and have an amazing time away 😊 X

  9. I love planning and going on holidays. It's always great to have things to look forward to! Have fun :)

  10. I am hoping your health improves for you and your trips sound great! I would love to visit Sweden!


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