HEY-OOO, it has been an interesting couple of months and by interesting I mean the fact that I'm finally able to tie my own shoe laces and most of all - I can see my toes. I can see them and I can reach them. Goals, right? 



Ah, I can't believe that our little bundle of joy is two months old today. Time seems to fly by so fast and the super tiny baby I had a month ago has turned into this strong milk monster. Milk monster that doesn't smell like a fresh baby anymore. Milk monster who used to be the same size as the bunny.  Heck, he's a grown ass little man already! 



If there were things I did not miss about being pregnant, there are still a few that I do miss. 
I mean, we all know by this far that the pregnancy wasn't my cup of tea in any way, but there are still few things I miss about being pregnant. 



Spring is such a wonderful season. 
Although it's not my favourite season, but there are still few reasons why I love it so much. As a true Winter enthusiast, I still like the fact that the Winter ends at some point and that has something to do with the fact that I kind of love Spring. 



Sooo, here's the second cake I'm about to share with you. 

This one is basic cake filled with blueberry filling and coated with vanilla buttercream. This one is blue inside and ombre outside, decorated with some blue sprinkles. 



I'm ridiculously bad at routines. 
I've never had ones. 
Now I need to create ones from nothing. 



As I mentioned earlier, I had a bit trouble deciding which cake to bake for the name giving party we held for Dino little over a week ago. So I did two and this is the first one of them. I absolutely love baking and especially when it comes to decorating, cakes are my favourite. 

Personally, I'm not that into eating cakes but chocolate cake is something that I'm willing to eat as well. So here's my favourite chocolate cake recipe, filled with vanilla-white chocolate finning, coated with white vanilla buttercream and with some blue white chocolate ganache dropped on top. 



Oh wow, last week there was Crazy Days (Hullut Päivät) over at Stockmann and we visited there. We weren't supposed to buy anything, but you know - when you see all those pretty prices and yellow things everywhere, it's hard to resist. I have to say, I'm not missing work at all. Even the way the department house smells like brings back all those hours I've spent there and I'm more than happy that I'm staying at home with little D for a while. Anyhow, if you remember my previous Crazy Days - haul, there really wasn't anything to buy. This Spring, there was more than last time, probably mostly because of the baby. And baby clothes. Damn those tiny clothes are deceptive. 



I've got some exciting news for you guys! This month, I'm going to share two different cake recipes with you and this is kind of an introduction for those two cakes. I mean, they're all covered with buttercream frosting as are these cupcakes in the picture as well. 

I had trouble to decide which cake to bake for little P's name giving party so I decided to make two little cakes! I love baking and cakes are really close to my heart. I mean, I really don't enjoy eating them, but decorating and baking parts are my absolute favourites. 



I'm not a big fan of kids high street clothing, but this Gugguu beanie absolutely stole my heart before I even had a baby. Gugguu is a Finnish kid's clothing brand with some adorable designs. I'll leave a link after to this post so you can all go check them out if you feel like it. 



- thick snowfall. 
Dino's first name is Pyry. 
The meaning behind the name is very simple, at the time I was pushing him out of me, it was snowing like crazy. And well, I've always wanted to name my kid Pyry, so that's the name he got.



Flat lay photography is really out there. 
It has been quite a while. 
And I absolutely love it. 

For me, one of my blogging goals for 2017 was to improve my own flat lay photography. As I love them so much, why wouldn't I jump on the bandwagon and try to improve my own? So far, I can't say that I've improved that much. I've basically spent my early year studying the flat lay photography via different blogs and practising shooting those with and without a baby. Now, with the baby - I genuinely haven't had time to practice as much as earlier this year but I'm getting there. 
Anyways, I've found some wonderful tips for flat lay photography through Pinterest and Bloglovin'.

I've gained some inspiration through all these helpful blog posts and I honestly can't wait to master my flat lays. But then again, is it really something that can genuinely be mastered? I don't know but I'm looking forward to finding it out. 


Getting started with flat lay photography, you should know what it is. I found a pretty blog post by Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim which pretty much sums up everything you need to know about what the actual f the flat lay is. 


I've noticed that styling is pretty essential when it comes to flat lays. I still struggle with this, to be honest, and sometimes I just go with the flow. Styling all the bits and bobs all over again is so rewarding, or is it just me who enjoys that? 



As you might know, pregnancy and especially the third trimester really wasn't my cup of a tea. Or coffee, as I prefer coffee nowadays (ah, finally back to my old bad habits). There are things that I miss being pregnant but today I'm sharing five things, that I don't miss about being pregnant at all.


Honestly, I felt like a whale for the last weeks of my pregnancy. I was rolling around from a place to a place and it actually got to the point where I wasn't able to tie my own shoelaces or reach to my own feet to get my own socks on them without the help of my lovely husband.


Yeah, I thought this earned its spot to be mentioned in its own little paragraph.


HEY-OO, I'm able to sleep again. Even though Dino wakes me up two or three times at night (depending on what time I go to bed), I sleep so much better. Because I actually sleep. And I can sleep on my stomach.


I mean, pregnancy gives so many pains at times. For me, those combined with rheumatoid arthritis it was even worse. My back was killing me, my hips were killing me and most of all my knees were killing me. In total, I gained weight 7-8kg throughout the pregnancy and that weight gain was something my knees didn't sign up for. I've always walked around a lot and during the final weeks, my knees started to be a proper pain in the arse.


Oh, the pregnancy brain. Wonderful times, thank god I got my old brain back pretty quick.




As you might remember from a couple of months (or was it weeks?) back, I told you how we're budgeting our monthly groceries now when there's three of us and the most importantly, lower income when there's only one of us working. Everything has been going on so great and we've actually managed to stick to the budget. How? 


Sticking to a budget takes a huge level of commitment. You know you plan your budget and then there's the part when you actually need to stick to it. So when you plan, be determined that that's the way you're going to spend your year/month/how long you intend to keep to the budget. 


Setting goals are motivating. For us, it's going out for dinner. Simple things like that. Something we're given up to, but something that's not too expensive to fulfil. If it helps, add a picture of your goal next to the budget and sticking to it feels so much easier when you know why you're sticking to the budget.


We're using cash for sticking to our budget with groceries. I know right, nobody withdraws cash anymore these days - well, we do. We withdraw the amount from our weekly budget so there won't be any hesitations to buy anything else than necessary - because there's no money to do so. Paying with the card, when you can't visually see the money, it might make you feel okay to spend "a little more" this week. 

Have you ever been living on the budget? How did you stick to it?  



Several weeks ago, when Dino turned two-week-old we started giving vitamin D drops to our little bundle of joy which got him in such a bad mood. I mean, he's always been a super easy baby and those drops made his stomach turn around like crazy. This is a bit TMI now, but pooping in our house was flavoured with screams and cries each time it was coming out. Thank goodness it's all better now. 
That time, Dino had trouble falling asleep, which meant that nowhere was good. He didn't enjoy the sofa, the nest, the bed, his own bed or well, basically anything else than my lap. So I went to his room and picked up this Done by Deer activity play mat and placed him under that. It kept him entertained while I got the chance to drink my cup of coffee in peace. 

As you might have noticed, I've fallen in love with Done by Deer. We have bought so much stuff from them it's insane. There's a lamp in the nursery from them, Dino has two sets of bed sheets from them, our nappy changing mat is from them and the nest I introduced earlier is from them. I'm literally obsessed, but what can I say? They fit in our house decor so well and Dino seems to be enjoying them as well. Thank goodness.




Woah, another month has gone by like a wind. This year is going by so fast am I right? Or is it just me who's feeling that way? Last month was crazy hectic especially after the baby had arrived and I don't know, days just seem to go by the blink of an eye. My days literally consists of thinking "when was the last time he ate? Is it his time to eat soon?" Oh, these newborn days. 

It's time to share the blogging goals for the month. I'm not so sure how I did last month's goals, though. Or well, I managed to get up all the blog posts I planned but on the middle of March, I realised that I've got no content whatsoever ready for April. Usually, by that time of the month, I'd have written most of the posts for next month. It's so funny. 


This month, I just try to get something up. I can't promise any consistency, but I'm hanging in there you know. I've planned a post about blogging with a baby and I'll be opening more about my views on the topic there. It's just, hmm... I wouldn't say it's hard because I have time to write when the baby is asleep but then again I kind of want to sleep too. And clean up the apartment. And do some laundry. Wash the dishes. You know, basic mum things. 


All the pictures I took last month included a baby. This month, I'm seriously trying to get back to blogging photography when little D is taking his naps. It's about time to get some routine back in our lives. 


There have been a few threads over at the Facebook which I've managed to take part on and that's something I'm going to try to do again this month. Usually, I've commented on so many other blogs as well but now I have to admit, there's no time for that at the moment. 


I've still got this long-time goal going on over at the Bloglovin' and that is to reach 1000 before the Summer. That would be so cool! But this month, I'll try to reach something between 850 and 900. 
Damn, those are some big numbers - I honestly never thought there would be so many of you, thank you for that. 


As I'm still trying to gain back those followers I lost when I re-created my Twitter account, my goal is to reach 500 this month. I should really try to join more into some Twitter chats there's going on, but somehow Dino always seems to be awake when something like that is going on. Or I'm too tired to join. Haha, I'll get there someday. 

What are your goals for the month? 



Wow, it's time for a new blog team blog post. Time goes by so fast! Or months, however, you want to put it. For you, who don't know what this whole blog team means - it's basically a little group of bloggers who are doing monthly posts about the same topic. This month, our topic is about tips for new bloggers. About what to consider when starting a blog or, you know - the basic stuff. 
If you want to take a closer look at our group, check out the introduction post I did last year. Also, this is the only time of the month when I'm also writing in Finnish. So now when we've got all these blah blah's out of our system, let's roll on to the post!  

// On taas aika uuden blogitiimi postauksen. Herranpieksut aika menee hurjaa vauhtia eteenpäin! Tai kuukaudet, ihan miten sen haluaa mieltää. Te, joilla ei ole harmaintakaan haisua siitä mikä tämä koko blogitiimihomma on - se on käytännössä ryhmä samanhenkisiä bloggaajia, jotka kerran kuukaudessa väsää postauksen samasta aiheesta. Tässä kuussa, meidän aiheena on "vinkkejä uusille bloggaajille", tai aloitteleville, asioita joita huomioida aloittaessaan blogin tai niin, kyllä te tiedätte, sitä peruskamaa. Jos haluat tsekata mimmoisia tyyppejä meillä tässä ryhmässä on, kurkkaa esittelypostaus, jonka tein viime vuonna. Nämä on myös niitä kerran kuukaudessa tapahtuvia ihmeellisyyksiä, kun kirjoitan myös suomeksi postaukseni. Johtuen ihan siitä, että tämä blogitiimi koostuu suomalaisista bloggaajista. Nyt, kun nämä kaikki pälpätykset on saatu pois päivänjärjestyksestä, on aika siirtyä siihen itse asiaan! 


Before I start this, I should really mention that even though I've got five years of good experience about blogging and such things, I really am not any kind of a professional about this topic. I've listed five things that I think are important and which I wish I knew when I first started a blog.

// Ennen kuin aloitan, ajattelin ilmoittaa että vaikka tässä on viiden vuoden aikana hyvin kokemusta karttunut bloggaamisesta ja muista hömpötyksistä, en tosiaankaan ole minkään sortin alan ekspertti. Listasin vain viisi juttua, jotka ovat mielestäni tärkeitä ja jotka toivon, että olisin itse tiennyt kun aloitin. 


When you begin, you should consider whether you're going to choose Blogger or Wordpress as your blogging platform. Those are two most popular options, but there's also plenty of other platforms you can choose from. I chose Blogger, basically because it's so much easier to use.
Or well, for my simple brain it is easier to use.
I've seen plenty of blogs moving from Blogger to Wordpress because WP offers the option to have your blog fully self-hosted. Even though you might have your own domain at Blogger, you aren't fully self-hosted. That's a bit tricky one, but it's something to think about for a long haul.
Also, Wordpress offers easier ways to change the way your blog looks (or so I've understood) when Blogger, on the other hand, is playing with CSS and HTML. For me, I really do enjoy playing with them, but they take a little while to be learned.
Just choose the platform you feel the most comfortable and move to another if you feel like it.

// Bloggerin ja Wordpressin ikuinen taisto. Kun aloitat, pohdi kummalla alustalla haluat bloggailla. Blogger ja Wordpresshän on ne kaikkein suosituimmat vaihtoehdot, mutta onhan niitä muitakin alustoja joista valita. Mä valitsin Bloggerin, koska se on mun yksinkertaisille aivotoiminnoille helpompikäyttöinen. 
Olen nähnyt viimeaikoina todella monen blogin muuttavan Bloggerista Wordpressin puolelle, koska Wordpress tarjoaa mahdollisuuden saada blogi kokonaan omaan omistukseen. Vaikka olisit ostanut oman nettiosoitteen Blogger-blogiin, se ei kuitenkaan tarkoita että blogisi olisi omassa omistuksessasi. Vähän hankala ajatusjana, mutta kuitenkin asia mitä kannattaa pitemmän tähtäimen kannalta pohdiskella. Wordpress myös tarjoaa helpomman tavan muokata blogin ulkoasua (tai näin olen ainakin ymmärtänyt), kun taas Bloggerissa pitää leikkiä CSS ja HTML koodeilla, mikäli haluaa jollain tasolla vähän erikoisemman ulkoasun blogilleen. Itse tykkään leikkiä noilla koodeilla, mutta niissä menee jokunen tovi harjoitteluun. 
Valitse vain alusta jossa sulla on hyvä olla ja muuta sitten toiseen jos siltä tuntuu. 


Niche is pretty important nowadays. If you're a beauty blogger, blog about beauty. If you're a travel blogger, blog about travelling and so on. My niche is basically not to have one, but I've mastered the skill of not having a niche. I mean, I guess my niche is family and parenting nowadays, including a few stories about my life or something. I really don't know, I shouldn't be giving advice about niche haha! But at least there's something I'm doing right because people seem to enjoy reading these little ramblings. Choosing the right niche for you is quite hard, but rewarding and it makes engaging the audience much easier.

// Aihe on aika tärkeä nykypäivänä. Jos olet kauneusbloggaaja, bloggaa kauneusjutuista. Jos olet matkustusbloggaaja, bloggaa matkajuttuja ja niin edelleen. Mulla ei oikeastaan ole minkäännäköistä pääaihetta, tai se on just se että mulla ei ole semmoista. Tarkoitan siis, että mun aihe on kai nykypäivänä vanhemmuus ja perhe, höystettynä lifestyle-jutuilla tai jotain. En tosiaan tiedä, eikä mun kannattaisi ohjeistaa tässä asiassa haha. Mutta ilmeisesti teen jotain oikein, kun ihmiset vaikuttaa ainakin tykkäävän tästä random pälätyksestä jota täällä muutaman kerran viikossa suoritan. 
Oikean aiheen valitseminen on suht hankalaa, mutta palkitsevaa ja sillä saa kasattua hyvän lukijapohjan, joita kiinnostaa samankaltaiset asiat.


If you want your blog to take off, be consistent. When you've got a clear schedule when you're about to post, try and stick to it. Your readers will know when to wait for something new from you. Also, it gives a more professional feeling about the blogger for some reason.

// Jos haluat blogisi lähtevän niin sanotusti lentoon, ole johdonmukainen. Kun sulla on se selkeä aikataulu siitä, milloin aiot postata - oli se sitten kerran, kaksi tai seitsemän kertaa viikossa, pitäydy siinä. Silloin lukijasi tietävät odottaa sitä uutta postausta sinä tiettynä aikana. Ja se myös jollain tasolla saa bloggaajan vaikuttamaan hieman enemmän "ammattimaiselta" jostakin syystä.


That sentence pretty much sums it up. You won't be next Zoella by overnight.

// Lause, "menestys ei tule yhdessä yössä", tiivistää tämän kohdan. Susta ei tule seuraavaa Zoellaa yhdessä yössä. 


Blogging is time-consuming, it's hard work. For me, this is purely a hobby but I have to admit, it's hard to dig up the time for do this at times. Now with the baby and all, I still want to keep a little piece of my hobby alive, it's hard work. All the writing, scheduling and picture shooting. Be prepared for that and even though it gets hard sometimes, blogging is one of the most rewarding hobbies I've ever had.

// Bloggaaminen on aikaavievää, kovaa duunia. Mullehan tämä on siis pelkkä harrastus, mutta on pakko myöntää että on yllättävän haastavaa välillä kaivaa aikaa tälle touhulle, varsinkin nyt kun on vauvakin mukana kuvioissa. Haluan silti pitää tämän pikkuharrastuksen elossa, mutta se vaatii todella paljon. Kaikki kirjoittaminen, aikatauluttaminen, suunnitteu ja kuvien ottaminen. Valmistaudu siihen. Vaikka tuntuukin haastavalta jossakin kohtia matkaa, bloggaaminen on kyllä kuitenkin yksi palkitsevimpia harrastuksia mitä mulla on koskaan ollut. 






"You've shown me how to live
How to smile, what to say
You've shown me what it's worth
To love someone each and every day"

05/06/09 - I first met you at the airport
25/06/09 - I realised I had feelings for you
when I hugged you for goodbye at the airport
13/08/10 - You asked me how I would feel if you told me that
you liked me more than as a friend
10/09/10 - We shared our first kiss
19/09/10 - We started being a couple
10/08/11 - I moved closer to you
01/06/12 - We moved to our own little apartment
11/11/15 - You asked if I wanted to marry you
07/05/16 - We got married
20/06/16 - I found out I was pregnant again
26/02/17 - We welcomed our first child into this crazy world

I love the way you look at me.
I love the way you talk to me.
I love the way you touch me. 
I love your sense of humour. 
I love the way you smile.
I love everything you do.

You're the most loving and supporting husband & father there is. 

You're my best friend. The bro of the bros. 
You're the love of my life. 
& we're lucky to have you.

Happy 23rd Birthday hun. 



We went on a date. 
Yes, our baby was three weeks old and we went for a date. 
It was one of the hardest things I've done in my life, to be honest. 
It's surprisingly hard to leave a baby home alone. 
Or well, not alone. With his grandmother. 

Our date night included dinner at Chico's restaurant and SUM41 gig. 
I'm a fan of that genre of music, so it was really fun to see these guys perform live. I also heard that they've been going on for 20 years this year and it's pretty cool when thinking about it. Not that many bands have been together that long nowadays. 

The gig was super fun. Even though there were few people who went kind of nuts in the audience but that's just part of the game. After all, it was super refreshing to spend a night out, even though we were back home before midnight. Oh, and we also got to sleep through the whole night because J's mum was kind enough to look after little D through the night. Absolutely amazing. I'm super thankful! 



It's so fun to look back at these pictures from the day we brought Dino home for the first time. It was so overwhelming and all the emotions I went through that day were well, overwhelming too. It was the day when I finally got into the realisation that this was it, it's our baby and he's going to live with us. 

While I was pregnant, I fell in love with the idea of these nests. It's something I haven't had seen very often anywhere and when I jumped into baby blogging world I found out that pretty many had enjoyed these. For me, I had no clue if Dino was going to enjoy this when I bought it - now, I'm happy that I did. He really does enjoy it.

It's super simple to place on the sofa or on the floor while the baby is sleeping and I don't need to worry if he's going to roll over or drop off the sofa. I mean, newborns sleep a lot and if Dino wasn't sleeping on one of our laps, he slept on his nest on the sofa or on the floor. It's pretty great especially when I'm home alone with Dino, he's sleeping and I've got time to do other stuff, like write these blog posts for example.

There are so many different options when it comes to these baby nests. Colour ranges are limitless and I'm pretty sure these come in different sizes as well. I ended up choosing one from Done by Deer which has become a brand I've absolutely fallen in love with. I don't know why, though, it might be because all of their products are so minimalistic, neutral shades and they really do fit in our home decor haha!

Oh my goodness, he was so small.




I can't believe that our little bundle of joy is 1-month-old today. Imagine, we've managed to keep a baby alive for one whole month. Okay, just kidding. Keeping a baby alive is not quantum physics. Just keep him fed, change his diapers, keep him in clean clothes, talk to him and spend time with him when he's awake and when he falls asleep just keep checking on him every five minutes so he won't stop breathing. Wait, what? Okay, sarcasm on that last one is going strong, but with all the things I said before I was serious. We've had such a fun first month!

Dino is such a personality. I mean, he definitely has my temperament and oh boy he's a bit difficult when he decides to be. He's calm like he's father but like his mother, he goes nuts if something isn't right. The first couple of weeks he hated diaper changing and wearing clothes. That was the worst thing he knew there was, now he's settled and realised that he feels so much better with a clean and dry diaper and warmer with clothes on.

He also lets us know very clearly when he's hungry. Either he's screaming his lungs out or he's screaming his lungs out. There's nothing in between. That's actually the only time of the day he screams. He screams when he wants his milk. Otherwise, like I said he's super calm.

He's also super interested in his surroundings. Especially about the black and white world map, we're having on our bedroom wall. He could stare at it for ages. I guess he'll be a proper traveller when he grows up. Also, TV is super interesting - even though I need to admit that I've given him too many minutes in front of it. He likes to watch ice hockey, that makes him calm when waiting for his bottle.
Interesting, will he become a travelling hockey player? Who knows.

The nurse said that his motoric skills are super developed for his age. I mean, he was 4 days old when he started lifting his head up and two-week-old when he accidentally rolled from his stomach to his back. He should really slow down his growing process, I wasn't ready for this.

Nights are rolling smoothly. Dino wakes up two times per night, then we change his diaper and feed him. Although, now he have started doing this thing that he thinks is super fun but we really don't appreciate it; he wakes up at 3-4 AM to be fed and for a diaper change and stays awake for an hour or an hour and a half. That kind of annoys me in some way. Dude, can't you see - it's dark, it's night now. He also spends his days mostly awake and when he's awake, he doesn't stand the idea of hanging around somewhere else than in my lap when J's at work. Once, I tried to eat while he was taking his nap. At the very second I took a fork in my hand he woke up and made a scene about it.

After all,  this month has been interesting. It has been all about getting used to the new way of living and new daily rhythms. It has been such a roller coaster, to be honest. But so far, it has been one of the greatest roller coasters of my life.


Dino is wearing: 
body - Polarn O'Pyret
pants - H&M
socks - H&M



I'm not able to breastfeed my son and that's okay. 

Breastfeeding, that funny old thing.

Before I got pregnant and when I actually managed to get myself pregnant I had a plan to breastfeed my future kid at least for six months. I had read all about the benefits of breastfeeding and of course, it creates a special bond between you and your kid. I was ready to do whatever it takes to make it work. Although I knew it wasn't working for everyone, so I didn't take any pressure of making it work. I had a plan, whether it was working or not - I made a decision to be okay with it.

When Dino got around (did you see our birth story over here?), we started practising breastfeeding over at the hospital. First night went well, but the second one was absolute hell. I noticed that my baby was starving and for some reason each time I asked a help from the midwife at night they just placed me on my side and placed my boob in Dino's mouth. His sucking wasn't working, I didn't get any milk out of me and the fact that my boobs are naturally enormous I felt that the position was dangerous for the baby. Even at one point, I asked from the midwife if the baby could suffocate if I'm not holding my breast with my hand while the baby tries to eat and what she answered to me, was the final thing that got me feel absolutely awful about myself.

"Your breasts are so huge that of course, he's going to suffocate."
- Thanks.

After Dino had screamed and cried for his hunger for almost 5 hours that night, someone brought me a little bit of extra milk. The baby got his stomach full and I felt bad about myself.

So, why did I feel bad about myself even though I was ready to face the fact that breastfeeding might not work for everyone?

Because all the conversations on the Internet
are about how breastfeeding is the best and
the only way to provide food for your baby.

Because of each time, if you accidentally mention
that your baby is fed with the baby formula,
you're automatically doomed as a bad mum.

 Because the midwife told me I could accidentally kill
my baby because my breasts are so huge.

When we got home from the hospital, we tried breastfeeding again. It's told that because the hospital environment is super stressful at the times (oh, I can tell that) the milk might not rise there already. We also bought few decilitres of baby formula, just in case and for the fact that the baby won't starve to death. We tried and tried and it just wasn't working.

Our nurse from the maternity clinic visited us at home when we had been home for a couple of days after the time at the hospital. She taught us new feeding positions and told me that there's no way I could kill my baby.  It worked out and things started to look a bit brighter in the breastfeeding life. There was just one but. None of those positions were ones I could do by myself. I needed another person to help me to feed my baby. So if there's anything new to list in my "5 reasons why having big boobs suck" post, it's the fact that it's almost impossible to breastfeed. And no, I'm not talking about double D's here, I'm talking about the breasts of the size of mini watermelons. My breasts have always been that one thing I hate in my body, that have made my self-esteem fall down the cliff and now I hate them even more. The fact that the size of my boobs is making me not to be able to breastfeed my son didn't really lower my self-esteem because it's already as low as it can be over that department.

I know that breastfeeding is the best thing you can provide for your baby, but I'm not able to do so. I've also accepted the fact that breastfeeding is not an option for us. For me, the most important thing is that my baby will have a full stomach and he's healthy growing little star. So far, everything has been fine with eating and our boy is a happy little monkey.

For other mum's struggling with breastfeeding for reason or another, don't blame yourself. It's not always working with everyone. Not breastfeeding your baby does not make you less of a mum than you already are. When living in a world where breastfeeding is made to be the must thing to do for your baby, it's easy to fall into despair especially when the importance of it is thrown inside the doors and the windows from the beginning of your pregnancy.

I'm not saying that baby formula is the best thing for your baby, I'm saying that if you can't provide anything better for the baby, that's the option you're left. And when you're left with that, it's the best for your baby. I hope you catch the idea here.

Our new nurse over at the maternity clinic has been so supportive with this whole baby formula thing. She said that it doesn't matter what the baby eats, because he'll get the food from somewhere, as long as I am comfortable with the decision not to breastfeed my son.

And I am.

After all the struggles, all I want that my baby is fed.
No matter if the milk comes from the bottle instead of my breasts.




Just to let you know, having a baby in Winter is pretty interesting. You'll get that wake-up call a month before your due date and realise that it actually is; Winter. Winter means that it's cold outside. Winter means that there's snow outside and the snow outside means that oh, baby it's cold outside. That's something that didn't cross our minds before at the end of the January, sounds pretty ridiculous now when thinking about it later - but at the end of the January, I started to look for snowsuits for babies. Guess what? There wasn't any. Why? Because Spring collections had arrived and all the small sizes had already sold out or there just wasn't any because yeah, the Spring collections have arrived to everywhere. 

So, I started googling for different options and that's how I came across this adorable Baby's Only Footmuff Maxi-Cosi warm bag for the safety seat. It looks great and it's pretty useful when thinking about it. You know, during the Winter it's absolutely wonderful for car drives and shopping purposes. Just put your baby in the warm bag and you're good to go. There's no need to wrap the baby with seven layers of clothing for a long car ride or little food shopping trip - just put the baby in the bag and if it gets hot in there, open the bag. Gosh, I love that thing, not to mention how easy it is to leave the house quickly when you can put your baby in the bag and head out. 

At this point, I should probably mention that this is not a sponsored post because I feel like I'm starting to sound like I'm selling these. No, I'm just way too excited about how convenient this bag is. It makes life so much easier. 

Above, you'll see how it looks inside. The baby can still be strapped in, even though the bag is there - which obviously is a good thing. Wouldn't want to see a flying baby in a bag in a car accident. (Okay, that joke was a bit lame, I'm just going to leave it there.) 

It's just absolutely wonderful. I'm in love. 

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