Well, hello 

It's time for a little life update once again. Holy potato, last week was something else.
It was the busiest week in my life so far, if to say so. We had so much stuff to do; went
to see Twentyone Pilots, had our 3rd maternity clinic appointment and most importantly,
we got keys to our new apartment.

I absolutely love moving. Moving is so refreshing, it gives you an opportunity to start
out fresh in a new place. We didn't move that far from our old apartment, thank goodness
to some higher power that we found a decent flat pretty close, but moving is refreshing
even if the scenery wouldn't be changing a lot.
Moving also gives the opportunity to get rid of everything you've wanted to get rid of and
holy crap our new, larger, apartment feels so empty even though all our furniture is already
in. Everything is still trying to find their places and there are a couple of random boxes
here and there.

I have bought a couple of new things to this apartment too, those Lexington hand towels
you've seen earlier and I also bought a pretty little lamp to our living room. Next to the
I've lighted up a couple of candles to make this place feel more home, we've cooked this past
week everything at home and I'm happy to say that even though we don't have a carpet in our
living room yet - this place already feels like a home.
It feels like a place where we can live for the next 5 years, at least and if we're having more
children, then we might start thinking about relocating to a larger apartment.
This is just perfect for now.

We scheduled our moving so well if I brag about it here. We ran out of moving boxes
on Thursday and when we got the keys on Friday we brought a few boxes and we
unpacked them right away. Then we took the empty boxes back to our old apartment,
filled them and rolled that thing all over again.
We don't have that much stuff, so we had to do this about three times and it gave us the
last chance to decide if something was going to trash or to the storage, or was that thing
really coming to our new apartment.
Also, our bookshelf was a bit broken so we threw it out & saved a few parts of it to later
use. J's father and his wife came to help us (read: J) to carry all the heavy stuff and we're
super thankful for it. Few extra pairs of hands got super useful, in some way.
If you've read my twitter, you know how pissed I was on Friday evening when this whole
thing happened and yeah, I'm still quite pissed. I mean, no one gives Sour Cream & Onion
chips to guinea pigs. No one. No one who's got brains.

On Saturday we had almost got it all together and planned the Sunday to be the day when
we cleaned up the old apartment.
I also sent J to get a couple of things from Ikea, a bed for Dino of course and few lamps
and sock boxes. This thing is starting not to just feel like home, but it's starting to look like
one too.

I think I'm still a bit tired from all of this. It has been so exhausting but also super
rewarding at the same time. I absolutely love how much J has done to make this place
feel like home and how we've worked so hard together to make this place feel like home.
This is going to be a place where our little one is going to grow up and it's such a wonderful
I can't wait to get to share some bits and pieces from our apartment when it's ready to be
picturised properly.



  1. Moving house is so exciting. My husband and I want to look for a new house next summer and one hand I cannot wait but on the other it is a bit sad! Do you miss your old place? X


    1. Not really :D This new one is so much larger & the floor plan is so much better than in the old one :D

  2. Good luck in your new home. I agree, its a very stressful time, juggling so many things, but so exciting too. Have you planned your interiors yet? www.thecornishhouse.com

    1. I've planned to buy a few new things, we've already got everything so there's no need to buy anything new at the moment & I'm enjoying the interiors we're having at the moment :)

  3. Glad your move went well, good luck in your new home :). Moving house is very exciting but it's also very stressful!! Especially making sure nothing gets damaged in the move.

    The Life of Dee

    1. Thank you! :-) that's so true by the way.. :D

  4. New beginnings are always promising! Moving can be a little bit stressful though, but in the end we always forget that and focus on the best that will come.

    1. That's true :-) Thank you for your lovely comment Helene :-)

  5. Its so exciting that youve received the keys to the apartment! cant wait to see how you decorate it❤️

    1. Me too :D Haven't decided that far yet haha :D

  6. Congrats on the new place! I'm happy for you that you like moving, while I'd like to have a new apartment, I keep postponing it because I hate moving all my stuff.

    1. Moving is so refreshing! Hope you'll get to do it soon :-) It's a one time thing ;)

  7. How exciting! I love moving too! We moved into our first house earlier this summer and it has been EVERYTHING!

    1. WOW, that sounds wonderful! Congrats :-)

  8. Congrats on the keys to the new place! Decorating is my favorite part of moving!

    1. Same here, it also is a bit pricey so it might take a little while until we get this one to look like a proper flat haha :D

  9. I find moving so stressful!! But you seemed to make it so easy! Hope you enjoy your new place. I also agree with the candles... they can make any place feel homely!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment :-)

  10. I know how hard working is to move (we've just moved) but it's exciting times ahead, and it's amazing to make the place feel like home. So happy that everything is sorted now as well :) Be happy in the new place.

    1. I will, thank you for your lovely comment Nya :-) !

  11. I've got this to come in 2 weeks! ! Although we're moving 200 miles away!! You were so organised, I better get started planning! Ree love30

    1. WOW, 200 miles away! Good luck & congrats! :-)


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