Well, hello 

It's time for the blog team post of the month and this month we decided to come up together with a pre-Christmas party theme. Especially with food/snacks to serve in your own pre-Christmas party or what you can take with you to the party.
Gather your friends, prepare these treats & enjoy!

// On taas aika kuukausittaisen blogitiimipostauksen ja tässä kuussa me päätettiin tehdä postaus pikkujoulutarjoiltavista. Näitä voit tarjota omissa pikkujouluissasi tai ottaa mukaan ystäväsi pikkujouluihin.
Kerää kaverisi, tehkää näitä herkkuja ja nauttikaa!


I absolutely love candy canes & cupcakes, so what would be better than combine them, with a little twist? These are no bake ones, so you won't be needing an oven to bake these. 

// Mä suorastaan rakastan karkkikeppejä ja muffinseja, joten mikä olisikaan parempi kuin yhdistää ne - pienellä twistillä tottakai? Näitä ei tarvitse edes uuniin laittaa. 


- 175g cookies of your choice, I used Oreo's / keksejä
- 50g butter / voita
- 400g unflavored cream cheese / maustamatonta tuorejuustoa
- 1dl icing sugar / tomusokeria
- 2dl double cream / kuohukermaa
- 200g white chocolate / valkosuklata
- red food coloring / punaista elintarvikeväriä
- candy canes / karkkikeppejä


As you might have noticed, these aren't ordinary cupcakes. I'm just saying that they are because they're made in the cupcake mold. How fun is that?

// Kuten huomasitte, nämä ei ole tavallisia muffinseja. Mä vaan kutsun niitä siksi, koska ne tehdään muffinsivuokaan. 

1. Melt the butter & crush the cookies, mix them together in a bowl. Take out your cupcake mold and paper molds. Place the molds into the mold (what a weird sentence) and press that cookie mix to the bottom of them. Place the cupcake mold in the fridge.

// Sulata voi ja murskaa keksit, sekoita ne yhteen kulhossa. Ota esille muffinsivuoka ja paperiset vuoat. Laita vuoat vuokaan (onpa typerä lause) ja painele keksiseos vuokien pohjalle. Laita koko hökötys jääkaappiin odottelemaan. 

2. Melt the chocolate in the microwave, be careful with it. Next, you want to whip the cream and mix all the other ingredients with it. Before you add any food coloring, share your chocolate-cream mix in two separate bowls. Now, use a little of that food coloring and drop a few dips to another half. 
Then, pour the cream mix into the cupcake mold, starting with white, then red and then again white & go on like in the picture above. Place them in the fridge over the night & you're ready to go!
Decorate with candy cane crush.

// Sulata suklaa varovasti mikroaaltouunissa. Seuraavaksi, vatkaa kerma ja sekoita loput ainekset sen joukkoon. Ennen kuin lisäät elintarvikeväriä, jaa suklaa-kerma-seos kahten erilliseen kulhoon. Värjää toinen puoli elintarvikevärillä. 
Kaada molempia seoksia vuorotellen vuokiin, vaihdellen punaisesta valkoiseen kuten yllä olevassa kuvassa. Laita hökötys jääkaappiin ja anna sen tekeytyä yön yli. 
Koristele karkkikeppimurskalla.



- 75g (1dl) coconut oil / kookosöljyä
- 1 1/2 dl raw cacao powder / raakakaakaojauhetta
- 3 tablespoons of honey / hunajaa

- crushed almonds, crushed peanuts & dryed berries
/ murskattuja manteleita, pähkinöitä & kuivattuja marjoja


1. Melt the coconut oil by placing the bowl in the hot water.

// Sulata kookosöljy asettamalla se kulhossa kuumaan vesihauteeseen. 

2. Add cacao powder & honey to the oil and mix it well. Take a plate or a chopping board and place baking paper over it. Pour the chocolate mix into it & drop peanuts and berries on top of it. 

// Lisää öljyyn kaakaojauhe ja hunaja, sekoita hyvin. Ota lautanen tai leikkuulauta ja suojaa se leivinpaperilla. Kaada suklaaseos laudalle ja pudottele pähkinät & marjat suklaan päälle. 

3. Place your chocolate in the freezer for 15-20 minutes & enjoy. 

// Laita suklaa pakastimeen 15-20 minuutiksi & nauti. 



- puff pastry / voitaikinaa
- 2 sundried tomatoes / aurinkokuivattua tomaattia
- 180g unflavored cream cheese / maustamatonta tuorejuustoa
- black pepper / mustapippuria
- fresh basil / tuoretta basilikaa
- egg / kananmuna
- 50g cheddar cheese shredded / cheddarjuustoraastetta


1. Roll the dough into a square & cut it into smaller squares. 

// Kauli taikina neliöksi ja leikkaa siitä pienempiä neliöitä. 

2. Cube the tomatoes. Mix tomatoes, black pepper & 1 tablespoon of shredded basil to the cream cheese. 

// Pilko tomaatit. Sekoita tomaatit, musta pippuri ja ruokalusikallinen pilkottua basilikaa tuorejuustoon. 

3. Egg wash the corners from the squares & add tomato mix to the middle of them. Drop some shredded cheddar on top of the pastries. Bake them in the oven in 250°C degrees for 10-12 minutes, decorate with fresh basil & enjoy! 

// Voitele neliöiden reunat kananmunalla ja nostele tomaattitäytettä leivosten keskelle. Pudottele hieman cheddar juustoraastetta päälle. Paista uunissa 250°C asteessa 10-12 minuuttia, koristele basilikalla ja nauti! 




This one has been pretty close to my heart and it’s so super easy and quick to make too! 
This recipe will serve four, but you can always make a smaller portion. 


-1 onion
-2 garlic nails
-1kg carrots
-1l water
-3 tablespoons of chicken or vegetable fondué
-150g feta cheese
-salt & pepper for seasoning
-1tablespoon of oil


1. Slice garlic & onion to small pieces and sweat them in the oil. 

2. Peel & slice the carrots and add them in the pot. 

3. Add water and fondué to the pot & boil until carrots are cooked.
It’s like cooking potatoes you know, until they’re soft enough to mush. 

4. Add shredded feta cheese to the soup and use hand blender to make it smooth. 
You can add water if the soup is too thick. 

5. Season with salt and pepper, if you want of course. 

TIP: If you want to go vegan, drop the feta cheese & use vegetable fondué. 

TIP2: Serve with fresh bread.




It's so hard to concentrate on writing this post. Dino is having its own house party in my womb and our guinea pigs are running around the apartment while writing this. Hah, let's see how this will go. 
Today I'm sharing another Lush related post with you guys. I guess you're pretty aware how obsessed I am with their products and that's probably one of the reasons I changed my skincare and haircare routines completely earlier this year. I got rid of all the other products in my shelves and replaced them with Lush products. Gosh, that was a hell of a good decision. Probably one of the best ones I've made this year, my skin and hair is looking so much better & well, environment thanks when going eco-friendly products. On the plus side, these are not tested on animals either so that's a really good thing. 


It has been such a long time since I last owned a face mask. I had the Cup O' Coffee earlier this year and it was absolutely amazing. Although, I wanted to try something very different when I was the last visiting over at Lush shop. Yes, I went to the actual shop - what is this sorcery? 

This one is a product you'll have to keep in the fridge so it will maintain it's fresh quality. That's so weird, I hardly even remember that I'm having one because well - it's in our fridge. That's also so funny, because whenever we're going to sauna I ask J to bring my face mask from the fridge. 

I absolutely love to combine this product with sauna & Lush Roots hair treatment. That definitely feels like a perfect pampering evening. If I had a bathtub, that would be so amazing addition to this little sauna routine of mine. 

I absolutely adore the color of this face mask. It makes me look like an Avatar from the Avatar movie. Pretending to be Zoe Zaldana in the sauna lol. Okay, maybe not - but it's so pretty I could stare it all day if it wasn't supposed to be kept in the fridge.

It smells okay, I mean citrus fruits have been really close to my heart lately and this one includes citron juice. It makes me feel so fresh after sauna and it cleanses my face perfectly. It's wonderful after a rough day and a walk home in the middle of that cold that's going on outside during this time of the year.

Have you tried any fresh masks from Lush?

Ps. How do I explain to our youngest guinea pig that she doesn't have to keep those baby noises anymore because she's a full grown adult and independent little woman? 



Hello, everyone 

I realized that I haven't shared anything beauty related this month and it's so weird. Usually, my monthly blogging schedule consists of 3-5 different beauty themed blog posts but this month has been lacking them really successfully. That's so weird. Well, here we go - a beauty related post! 


I recently realized also, (is this going to be all about me realizing things?) that I don't have a proper face cleanser so I wanted to make a change on that. I purchased this Bûche de Noël fresh facial cleanser for that purpose and oh my god I am in love. 

The smell is absolutely wonderful. They say on their website that it includes satsumas, cranberries and a drop of brandy and that combination smells absolutely wonderful. At first, I was a bit concerned about the brandy that was included in the product, as you might remember from my earlier post about Lush Ocean Salt face & body scrub when the alcohol in the product just wasn't something I really would enjoy. The scrub was smelling like tequila and it left my face smelling like a tequila. Not that I would mind about it, because I absolutely love tequila - I just don't want to smell like tequila. 
The brandy in this Bûche de Noël makes the product smell so soft, smooth and sweet. I absolutely love it. It kind of reminds me of Christmas, which probably is something that there was meant to happen; it is included in their Christmas range this year. 

The texture of this product is also something I haven't tried from Lush before, so I was excited to try it out. It's like umm, wet sand (can I say that?) and you add a little bit of water to it and then rub it between your hands before applying it to your face. For me, that's so wonderful! Although I do kind of take a bit too much of that actual product from the pot, because I'm not yet that used to the texture of it. As an idea, I absolutely adore it. 

I've included this to my evening and morning skincare routine from the minute I tried it for the first time. Now when being pregnant, my skin has been, well, a bit difficult. I've got a few spots around my forehead and cheeks, so this has been controlling them so well. It felt like I could have seen those little pimples disappear after a few uses. So it's definitely working for me and on the plus side - it smells amazing too. 
When it comes to facial cleansers, I absolutely suck at using them. I've never had any spots or you know, the impurity in my face or skin so all of this is kind of new to me. Now when I've found a product I actually enjoy using, I can't see why this wouldn't become my daily thing to do. 

I love it, especially in the mornings. You know, waking up at 4AM every single morning is not that refreshing so this one really does wake me up, it makes my face feel smooth and clean. Oh, and did I mention that my face smells awesome afterward? 




Well, hello 

It's time for another life update. Even though this month has been a bit deep over here at this blog, I still want to keep doing these little life updates twice a month. There's so much going on each month so it's just appropriate to share these things haha! 


Our move went pretty well, even though it was a pretty cold day when we moved. I guess that's one of the reasons why our guinea pig Tiuhti caught a cold and then after struggling for about a week, she passed away with quite a tragic way. I highly recommend you to skip to the next section if you're easily disturbed about death and things around it. 
Tiuhti has always been the one with the casual flu going on, so we didn't think at first that it wasn't that bad, because she had had the flu before this and then it just went away with extra vitamin C & parsley. Well, this one just didn't, so on a Sunday 13th of November we took her to the vet. The vet said that it's basically a 50/50 chance if she'll be okay. We took the medication he prescribed for her and went home. This happened around 12pm and at 1pm we gave her the first dose of her antibiotics. 
At 3pm we were making dinner and when I was sitting next to our kitchen table watching our guinea pigs minding their own business. They have this two-floor cage and I saw how Tiuhti was attempting to get downstairs. She was waving her front paws like she had no clue how to get down those stairs and then I saw her fell. 
She fell down the stairs leaving the rest of our four guinea pigs staring at her. At this point, she was still breathing and alive. I immediately had the need to check if her feet were working properly because guinea pigs don't really fall from places. We lifted her away from the cage to the floor next to it and found out that she wasn't able to move her legs. It was absolutely horrible to watch. 
I started to search the vet's phone number, so we could take her there immediately so  he could do things that were needed to do because there was no chance that Tiuhti would recover from it. While I was searching the number, J lifted her to our couch and she took her last breath. 

There's a funny thing about guinea pigs. Even though they live in a cage, they're not like hamsters. They actually socialize with you and become the part of your family. So losing Tiuhti felt like losing a family member. She had been with us almost 3 years and she was an important part of our little family. I know we've got still 4 amazing little potatoes left in our family, but it still doesn't feel like the same pack of piggies and it's not even supposed to feel like it. 

The first couple of nights were horrible, I wasn't able to sleep because every time I closed my eyes I saw how awful Tiuhti looked like when she realized that her legs didn't work. The first week was horrible, to see how the rest of our piggies tried to find Tiuhti from the cage. Others are completely fine and I guess that they're accepted the fact that their little Teabag is not coming back anymore. They still check up the place where Tiuhti loved to hang, but turn away because there's no one there. It's heartbreaking to watch. That was one hell of a Sunday.

We have planned to buy a new cage for our guinea pigs, for safety reasons and simply for the fact that there are a couple of spots in the cage where Tiuhti loved to hang out but they're simply too hard to clean. They can still smell her even though she's not there. 

Let's move on to the positive part of this post! Despite that Sunday, life has been good lately. We bought a crib for Dino from IKEA and I also renewed the look of this blog with J's help. We had our 4th maternity clinic appointment a couple of days ago and I finally bought the lamp to help me to shoot blog pictures. Now I won't have to use old ones for all my posts just because the lack of daylight is sucking all the motivation out of me.  

Oh, and who's doing Blogmas this year? At least I am, so stay tuned for that next month! 



For starters, I'd like to share with you this adorable outfit I found for Dino from eBay. I've been doing lots of eBay purchases lately, for Dino and in general. All those pretty onesies for babies and outfits for them have just melted my heart. This one was the first outfit I purchased for Dino and it's so pretty.
Oh my goodness, freaking adorable.
When I was ordering this, I ordered it because of the jumper but now I've warmed up for those pants too. I'm not so sure will I wear them for Dino together or in two separate outfits, we'll see, we'll see.
By the way, would you be interested in having a peek inside of Dino's wardrobe?


So yeah, we had our 4th maternity clinic appointment yesterday. Everything was okay, the baby was moving and Dino's heart was beating just fine. Oh and I also found out the results for that glucose tolerance test and everything was more than fine - I don't have gestational diabetes.
Thank goodness.
There was just a one single "but". Dino is a bit larger baby. Or at least at the moment it looks like it. The nurse said that if Dino is looking like a huge one next time we visit, she'll send us to the hospital to be checked out and for a doctor to find out how much Dino weights. So yeah, my baby is having J's genes. J was 5kg when he got out and now I'm pretty much afraid that me, 160cm tiny person, am going to carry around a 5kg turkey on February everywhere I go.
 The good news is, that I'm not expecting to gain that much weight during the pregnancy. I've only gained 4kg and I've got no fat on my stomach area. So losing that "baby weight" after labor is not going to be as hard as I imagined it to be. The nurse said that my belly is made completely of the baby. That sounded so funny.




I'm thankful for my family. 

I'm thankful for my guinea pigs. 

I'm thankful that Tiuhti was part of our little family. 

I'm thankful for this year. 

I'm thankful for Dino. 

I'm thankful for J being there when I needed him the most. 

I'm thankful for having the roof on top of our head & food in the fridge. 

I'm thankful for those snowy days we had. 

I'm thankful for my grandparents, they're awesome. 

I'm thankful for today. 

What are you thankful for? 



I've been seeing these types of posts all around the Internet that I decided to put my
own spoon in the bowl. Okay, that's one of a stupid saying.
I must say, though, that I'm pretty bad at describing myself or my blog with any words
- so bare with me okay! I've been struggling with it in job interviews or actually, every
single interview I've been to. Not that I would have that many interviews. Okay, I'm done.

Amused - I get amused so freaking easily. It doesn't matter if it's a cat with a
sombrero or a shitty joke, I can guarantee that I'll be amused by it.

Bananas - I used to hate bananas and I still don't really like them. I can eat
them sometimes, but that's only a seasonal treat for me. I'm not going to the
grocery store to buy bananas.

Cakes - I love to bake cakes, I never eat them. Hate the taste of them, although
that dough is delicious.

Dresses - I've got a hate-love-hate relationship with dresses. I don't usually wear
them, or actually never. When I go to Spain or somewhere else warm, I can wear
a dress.

Eetu - My little brother is one of the most important men in my life. I love him to
pieces and I am basically spoiling him, but what else can a loving big sister do?

Fearless - I'm basically fearless. There are only two things I'm really afraid of;
flying & clowns.

Goals - I've got plenty of goals in my life. I couldn't live without them, I'm kind
of a control freak when it comes to me trying to achieve my goals.

Height - I'm short as fuck. I mean, where have I been when they gave those tall
people cards? Taking a dump? Really?

Imagination - I've got a wild one. Do you?

Jasmin - That's my first name. I actually have three first names, all of them
starting with a letter J.

Kiwi fruit - I could eat plenty of Kiwi fruits, I mean all of the kiwi fruits that
are on this planet.

Lakeworth - The first city I visited in the USA if you don't count Miami and
traveling from the airport to Lakeworth.

Martta - Martta is my little sister, even though we don't get along as well as me
and my little brother, she will still be one of the greatest aunts Dino will ever have.

NeverLand - by Zayion McCall, I've been obsessed with this song lately! Can't
wait to sing the chorus as a lullaby for Dino when he arrives.

Ottawa Senators - My favorite NHL team.

Peter Pan - My all time favorite Disney story.

Queues - I'm not a fan of these, despite my Finnish roots. Finnish people
love to stand in queues.

Realist - I've always been realist person.

Stamps - I used to collect stamps when I was little.

Temperament - I've got a huge temperament, I love to get my opinions out
there and I can say some things really straight to your face. I used to keep it
as one of my flaws but I've started to respect that quality now that I'm better
with choosing words and been playing with other adults for few years.

Umbrella - I've never owned one, I should definitely consider getting one. It's
always raining here in Finland.

Volume - When I'm sober and I get excited, my volume tends to go up.
Although, when I'm drunk I keep my volume as minimum as I can.

Words - I love words. I love everything about them and how they can be used
to describe things in such an amazing ways.

I had to stop to W, my vocabulary is quite limited when it comes to letters X, Y & Z haha!
Hope you enjoyed the post :-)




Hi there lovelies! 

This is going to be so weird, I'm allowing you to have a little sneak peek to Dino's room
before it's even finished. Wow, I'm getting so ahead of myself.
There's literally nothing else than this crib we bought from IKEA & some little stuff around
it. I'm so excited it to be finished soon.

Before I start telling you about this little DIY I created on a whim, I want to say that I'm
absolutely in love with that bedding! Holy potato, I'm absolutely in love with everything
from done by deer. You can read more about the brand from their website. I bought these
sheets from babyshop.fi and J bought another set, in a different color. I can imagine Dino
will have a great good night's sleep in those sheets.

So, let's get back to this little DIY of mine. I found some really adorable wall stickers
from H&M home when I was on a search for a perfect carpet for Dino's room. Well, I
found that and then I also realized that I needed to get myself a set of these lovely wall
They were around 10€, or maybe not even that much? I can't even remember how much
they cost and I wasn't able to find these from their website anymore so let's go with the
idea that those were around 10€.

As you might know, I like to give a unique look to Ikea stuff, just because well - it's from
Ikea. I wanted to add a little twist to this crib. I decorated it with those wall stickers & it's
probably now the most adorable thing I've ever seen haha!




So earlier this month I went to take a glucose tolerance test.
There was something odd going on in my urine test at the early pregnancy, so the nurse
wanted me to take the glucose tolerance test. It was something about how something was
supposed to be 55, but for me, it was 56 so that made me belong to the risk group for
gestational diabetes.
I was instantly like "oh, what the hell woman - how do you expect me to keep that
the sugar-filled liquid in when I'm not even able to drink Coca-Cola?"

So the 7th of November arrived. I scheduled the test for the morning, thank goodness
there were unbooked times for Monday morning. I had my test taken at 8:30AM so it
meant that I hadn't eaten anything in 12 hours before the test.

Sometimes, I keep wondering, that if we're as intelligent as we are as humans, how on
Earth we haven't figured out the better way to look if there's a possibility to have
gestational diabetes?

Anyhow, the nurse was the sweetest. She made me feel comfy and she understood when
I said that I'm not a fan of sweet liquids, candy or well, anything sweet at all for that
matter. She was just laughing at me with me when I tried to drink up that glucose liquid.
It made me feel so dizzy.
First 15 minutes after drinking it went by fine, I was thinking that nah - it wasn't a big deal,
my body can handle this.
Well, quite well after that 20 minutes everything went down the hill. Literally. I was so
nauseous & dizzy I was sure I was going to die.
After the hour when she took a blood out of me, I was completely out of this world.
Shaking, because of all of that sugar and almost fainting, because of all of that sugar.

That was an experience I'd rather not go through again.
It felt like I had eaten three bags of sweets from one sitting and I don't eat sweets. I don't
drink juice or sodas or anything, so my body had no clue how to handle that crazy amount
of sugar, that suddenly appeared into my system.
That was definitely the worst.

Never again, thank you.




Hello everybody!

I'm here with a ridiculous excuse to show off my new baby phone I bought a couple of
weeks back. I'm going to walk you through my most used apps and tell you why they're
so close to my heart at the same time when I can't take my eyes off my new phone.
It's so adorable. I love the matt black color of it and it actually feels a bit lighter than the
6S I had earlier.

First of all, I've got my essentials. Mail, calendar, pictures, camera, notes, clock, app store
and settings. Those are the only apps that I actually use and that already were on the phone.
I absolutely love this new iOs10 which ables you to delete all the original apps you don't use.
I mean, what on Earth am I doing with an app for Apple Watch when I can't even afford
to one?

Facebook, Messenger, Twitter and WhatsApp are probably on everyone's phone. They're
essentials, I mean, I could live without Facebook but I can't live without Twitter. I'm kind
of a Twitter addict nowadays. Now that I actually understand how that thing works, that
took a while, to be honest.

Youtube, Instagram, Bloglovin' and Snapchat are something that I use less frequently.
I don't know why but I've kind of lost my Instagram mojo and Snapchat really does eat
your phone alive. It takes a battery so much that it's ridiculous, yet I still have to have the

Dreamdays, Hay Day, We Heart It and H&M. First of all, I'm obsessed to Hay Day.
Second of all, I absolutely love counting days to stuff, so I have to have Dreamdays.
Rest of the apps are just for fun.
I'm also using Spotify to listen to music because I'm not enjoying the one that is included
in iPhone in the beginning.

I don't want my phone to be full of apps, so that's basically all I've got.

What do you have on your phone?




Here in Finland, we pregnant women, get to choose whether we want our maternity
benefit as a money or if we want it as a package.
So basically, we get to choose between a huge package of baby stuff or 140€ of
money. Well, a common sense tells you to take a package including around 50 different
products for the benefit for you and your baby.
I chose the package, but there are a few families per year who wants money instead of
the package.

So what does this world famous package include this year?

- 9 bodysuits, 50-74cm
- 3 romper suits, 50-74cm
- 6 leggings, 50-74cm
- 1 stretch suit, 62-68cm
- 1 wool-mix suit, 68-74cm
- 1 light quilted suit, 68-74cm
- 2 caps
- 2 pair of socks
- 1 pair of mittens
- 1 pair of tights
- 4 gauze cloths
- 1 set of reusable nappies, trousers and 2 absorbing pads
- 1 bath towel
- 1 undersheet
- 1 duvet cover
- 1 blanket
- 1 sleeping bag/quilt
- 1 snowsuit
- 1 pair of insulated bootees
- 1 pair of insulated mittens

- talcum powder
- thermometer
- drooling bib
- feeding bib
- mattress
- mattress cover
- soft toy
- toothbrush
- hairbrush
- nail scissors
- bath thermometer
- nipple cream
- book titled "Kukkuluuruu"
- condoms
- sanitary towels
- bra pads
- the box (can be used as a crib)

I have to admit, there are few products in the package that I'm not going to wear my
baby in. I mean, those yellow leggings? I can't stand yellow. Otherwise, I think this
package is wonderful this year. There's a bunch of baby boy shades in it, which is kind
of umm.. Well, convenient if you're having a boy but yeah, I can't see why this wouldn't
be suitable for girls too.




Hi there lovelies!

Like Autumn, Winter is also one of my favorite seasons throughout the year. I absolutely
love everything about it, or I used to before I moved to Helsinki.
Here in Helsinki, we don't usually get that much snow. Eventually, it'll all be just a huge
wet slushie and rain boots become a daily essential. If rain boots were such thing that can
be worn during Winter, they're not. They're too slippery.

I also love all kinds of Winter activities, like hockey, ice skating, and snowboarding.
Although, I haven't been on a board for a while and during this winter, I'm not even
able to.

What are your favorite things to do during the Winter?

During this Winter, I'm going to...

... Drink plenty of hot chocolates.
... Enjoy cold evenings inside watching Netflix.
... Start listening to Christmas songs super early.
... Wear my wool socks every day after work.
... Build a snowman.
... Make snow angels.
... Wear the coziest knits and sweaters I own.
... Plan our babymoon in Sweden for January.
... Go to Sweden to our babymoon.
... Enjoy my winter break from work, knowing that I'm not going back after it.
... Watch Christmas movies.
... Prepare me for giving birth.
... Pamper myself during the cold nights.
... Fall in love with snow all over again.
... Hate the cold weather as I always do.
... Eat less Christmas sweets.

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