Hej på alla!
I don't know why I started this post in swedish, maybe because it kind of
suits for the topic.
On our second day in Stockholm we went to Mall of Scandinavia. It's the largest
mall in Scandinavia and oh my goodness, it really is huge. It kind of reminded
me of Miami International Mall, even though I'm pretty sure that MIM is way bigger.

Mall of Scandinavia is filled with loads of wonderful boutiques, there's high 
street ones and well - affordable ones. There's something for everyone. I found all 
kinds of stuff for myself from H&M Home, Carlings, Lush, Pull&Bear, 
Lagerhaus and Zara. 
There's a haul post coming about things I found and almost all of them were on 
summer sale too, so stay tuned for the upcoming post! 

We walked through almost every shop, except those really expensive ones 
because well - this wasn't good trip to shop anything very expensive and my legs 
are still sore from all that walking around. 
I really enjoyed this mall though and if you ever get a chance to visit there - go for it! 


  1. Oon menossa syksyllä yheks yöks ja tonne on pakko päästä - meitsin paratiisi aaaahh oh!! Oliko tonne vaikene päästä, missä toi on? :---)

    x Dora Marie // www.doramarien.blogspot.com

    1. Ei ollenkaan, toi on Solnassa Friends Arenan vieressä. Eli meet pendeltågilla central stationilta junalla J36 tai J38 uppsalan suuntaan & sit hyppäät Solnassa pois:-) tosi kätevä! Ei oo ku Stockholm Centralilta Karlsberg välissä ja sit siitä heti seuraavana on Solna :D <- hieman sekava selitys tosin :'D

  2. Looking forward to seeing your haul :D

  3. *writing Scandinavia to my travel wish list*

    1. Higly recommending Denmark, Sweden & Norway. Maybe a little bit Finland too.

  4. I liked the entrance of Scandinavia Mall and is it so huge as for instance the "small" Westfield in Shepherds Bush in London ? I would love to visit Stockholm soon <3 -www.elenaslifestyle.com

    1. I have no clue how large Westfield is :D I've never been there!

  5. It's looks amazing! I would like to go to visit it!
    Nice post!

  6. Oi oon ettinyt jo jonkin aikaa Lexingtonin kauppaa! Selvästi Ruotsissa lähin :) Muistatko oliko Zara Home tuolla kauppakeskuksessa?


    1. Ömmm, mun mielestä oli joo :D en oo ihan satavarma tosin, mut mun muistaakseni siinä tapahtu joku semmonen skenaario et käytiin Hötorgin Zara Homessa ku luultiin että sitä ei oo tuolla, mut sit se olikin :D


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