DAY WITH ME | 190616

Hi there lovelies!
It has just recently hit me, I haven't done any day with me posts this month at all
and now it's time to make some changes. Last weekend I was visiting over at one of
my best friends house in a complete different city, so I decided to go for it and
photograph the whole thing. With snapchats of course haha. My weekend was
pretty freaking awesome and lots of wonderful things happened.
I'll get back to you with those later, but now - what did you guys got up
to last weekend?

I woke up at 7:30AM and oh my goodness how refreshing that was! I can't 
remember a day when I got to sleep that late. Well, late and late. For me it felt 
like I've slept 10-12hours like a baby because I'm used to those 4AM mornings. 
I did some blogging at first, then I woke up J so he could drink a coffee with me 
and after he got to the kitchen when I was doing my makeup he decided to put 
some garlic baguette in the oven. That was such a wonderful breakfast. 
I also tried to pack my bag whilst eating and it didn't end up well. 

I was supposed to head to the downtown by a bus that left from my stop at 11:21. 
Did I make it there? Well, I sure did not. Not that I wasn't early at the bus stop 
waiting for the bus - but the fact that I realised that I had left my iPhone charger to home. 
I realised it 3 minutes before the bus got to the stop, so I couldn't help it - I had to
head back to home to get that charger. 
Thank goodness J was able to drive me to the city, because I would've miss my bus 
to Turku as a thanks for forgetting my charger. 
When I got to my another bus, the bus was filled with people. It was absolutely 
I'd rather go by train, but when the train ticket costs you 36€ per/way & bus will 
cost 3-10€ so there's not much wondering why I and all those other people 
choose to go by bus. 

After I left Helsinki, there was a woman sitting next to me in the bus. She was 
eating sandwich with salmon and I absolutely hate the way fish smells. I felt so 
nauseous the whole drive to Turku, thanks to that sandwich. Oh, and it wasn't 
only that sandwich - she ate literally the whole 2-hour-trip something. 
When I finally got to Turku Petra was there waiting for me. We went to her friends 
house before Iida showed up and from there we headed to the Petra's apartment. 

It was so wonderful to see both of those girls after a really really long time and I 
loved the gossips we shared afterwards. You know when you have those friends 
with who it feels like you were never apart? Hold on to those. 
I mean, I haven't seen Iida literally for 2 years and yet it still felt like that it really 
wasn't that long ago. 
Saturday was pretty awesome! 

lots of love, Jasmin. 


  1. Great post idea.i haven't seen this 'a day with me' as a blogpost i saw this just on youtube.i like it and it seems like you had a great time there.
    Have a nice day


    1. Thank you for your lovely comment :-) you too!

  2. Wow what a beautiful looking city, thanks for sharing. Look forward to reading more of your posts.

    1. Wow, glad to hear that you enjoyed :-)

  3. Looks like a good day, thanks for opening up and sharing it with us! I get really bad travel sickness so I can feel your pain.

    1. It was such a wonderful day :) thank you for your lovely comment :)

  4. This is such a great post. I love the idea. Gets to show how others are living on further lands. I really liked the images. Thanks for this!!

  5. Looks like a lovely day, and such a pretty city!

    1. Turku is beautiful, especially during summer :)

  6. Thanks for sharing. The pics look awesome and you bring a unique twist to blogging!

  7. I remember your snaps! Loved an insight into Finland :) And I totally understand you with the lady and the sandwhich...I hate people that eat smelly food on public transport

    1. It's so disgusting... Yak. Still remember that smell haha :D

  8. Looks like an awesome day! Love these kinds of posts xx

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  9. This is an awesome post! I would love to see more! I also hate the way fish smells so I feel so sorry you had to smell that on the bus x

    1. Hahah yeah, that was kind of awful :D

  10. Dam chargers they get always te best of us, lol, but im so glad you made it to the bus and had a great day with your friends, thanks for sharing your day with us.

    Loves from Sun & http://likesocharming.com/

    1. hahah, they do! Thank you for your lovely comment :)

  11. Hey dear....wen ever i am in hurry mood, i get late due to my forgetfulness. :( But at last God help me. :)

    1. Damn, glad that you've got that special one to help you in your life :-)

  12. I have never in my life rode a train! Once, it was when I was little, but more of a tour type thing! I'd love the chance to ride in a train!

    1. Whaat!? :O WOW, I'm too used to trains I must say. I use one almost everyday :D


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