Hi, it's J here. I ordered this geek/nerd packet last month and it's a great gift idea for your boyfriend if he has even a little geek or nerd in him.

I'm going to make a little unboxing post about Marches Loot Crate™. You can order your own from here and the price is about 25€ when shipped to Finland.

This packet covers pretty nicely the price of it with Quantum Mechanix's T-shirt and Bioworld's Beanie. But it has lots of other stuff too.

Inside were also a wallet, first it looked like a regular kids wallet but it's actually made from some kind of recyclable material and it had 5$ discount coupon and some advertisement inside.

Other cool thing was DC comics exclusive Harley Quinn Vol.1 comic book which was created only for Loot Crate subscribers.

This pin was also included, it's great quality Alien vs. Predator themed pin.
You can comment #Giveaway in this post and make sure you submit to Rafflecopter below so you are registered to the giveaway.
After a week I will send this to the lucky winner.

Last but not least was this Alien vs. Predator nylon figure, since I hoped for the Predator one and got the Alien, I'm probably going to give this to my sisters son, he'll have more fun with. But regardless of everything this also was really nice piece and not one of those cheap models you get with Happy Meal.

Let's add a little Where's Waldo Star Trek edition to the end. Can you find Spock?

This was my post for today and I'll let Jasmin take it from here, blogging does require a lot of work at least it did to me because I've been working on and off with this one for two days.

 J


  1. Looks sooooooo cool! I've never really been interested in any kind of sub boxes, but I've seen a few ads for this one and I've wanted to try one for so long! We're just nerdy in very specific topics so I've just been worried that what we get wouldn't be to our liking, but I guess that's a risk with any boxes anyway :D ALSO #Giveaway, like 100000000 times because I'm currently doing a DIY-makeover on my denim jacket and it's going to be covered in iron patches and pins ;)

  2. Thanks for the chance to win! This looks like a great box :]


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