Lately I've been scrolling through a lots of websites to find something new and different. I don't know why, maybe it's the Spring that's effecting me that way. Now on this little series of different wish lists I've became to the point where I share my beauty wish list. 

This palette is a bit pricey I must say, but I've been wanting to try out theBalm products for so long. I remember drawling over these when we went to Spain for the first time and I saw these cuties over at Primor. 

Well this is not a new thing on this list, but I'm basically running out from my last jar of this lovely thing and because it has officially saved my dry face I'm going to invest to it again very very soon. 

This just looks too cute, so when I'm going to order a new jar of the Skin Drink - this will be found from the shopping cart too. 

I've never got my hands on any of H&M beauty products, so I think it's about the time already! 

Do you have any of these on your wishlist? 




I love birthdays probably more than Christmas (okay we all know that's a lie) - let's say that I'm more into surprises than birthdays which means that I love to plan surprises for my loved ones. 
I had a day off today and it left me a plenty of time to make the "Happy Birthday" sign, decorate the cake what I was baking the whole last night and make some tasty cupcakes with vanilla frosting. 
When my fiancé got home from work - all of this waited for him and he was so super thankful now 22-year-old. 




- eat more fruits
- try to kick off a healthier lifestyle
- go jogging
- travel abroad
- go to a concert
- visit family
- get married
- build outside cage for the 
guinea pigs to moms backyard
- be happy
- forget summer 2015
- travel in Finland
- eat new potatoes with butter
- go to swimming (pool at Spain
doesn't count)
- go to Yyteri beach after a really long time
- do a complete closet makeover
- pizza
- sunbathe
- sleep late
- go to see aeroplanes
- make a plan for your future
- save money
- watch less TV

It's never too early to dream about Summer isn't it?




I've been scrolling through H&M website a lot lately, not that I had any money left from planning our wedding left to spend anywhere else, but it's always so lovely to imagine if there was some extra to get a new shirt. I really fell in love with few pieces of their Spring/Summer collection for this year and this is my really colourful wish list. As we all know how I'm such a fan of colours and everything nice and bright, that is not black of course. Okay okay, let's go to the wish list. 




Lovely Sara from Her Electric Ocean tagged me to do the Infinity Dreams award. It was so nice of her and I really appreciate to be included to this tag. It's just awesome. 
You definitely need to have a moment and go to check her blog too. 


- thank the blogger who tagged you
- tell 11 facts about yourself
- answer 11 questions & make
11 questions for the next bloggers
- use the IDA picture
- tag 11 bloggers


1. I'm super sarcastic.
2. I'm obsessed to crime series.
3. I'm a coffeeholic.
4. I'm going to be someones wife
very soon..
5. ..and I'm not even nervous about it. 
6. I love potatoes.
7. I need facts to believe in stuff.
8. Ted Baker is my all-time
favourite brand.
9. When I'm feeling down I listen 
to Simple Plan.
10. I'm spoiling my younger
siblings with stuff I'm buying to them. 
NOT. Okay, maybe a little.
11. At work I'm super organised but at home
I'm more like a creative chaos. 


1. What is your favourite quote? 

I'm not so sure if this is an actual quote, but this is it. 

2. What is your favourite aspect of blogging? 

I just like to keep things positive. 

3. Where do you find inspiration for your posts? 

From other bloggers I guess, I really don't know. I'm pretty much inspired about everything. 

4. Who is your role model and why? 

My grandma & mom because they're the strongest women I've ever met. 

5. What was the last movie you watched? 

The Slumdog Millionaire. 

6. Where do you see your blog in the next 5 years? 

I don't like to think that far. I don't even know will I blog in year 2017, so definitely I have no clue if this will be up in 2021 haha. 

7. What is your favourite TV show?

I'm obsessed with How I met your mother, True Blood & OC. 

8. If you could describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be? 

Hmm, weird, weirder & weirdest. 

9. If you were a Disney character, which one would you be? 

Definitely Megara. 

10. Is there anything you feel strongly/passionate about? 

I don't know, collecting stamps? Oh no no no I don't do that. Dancing.

11. What is your Starbucks order? 

Tall Pike Place (black) or Signature hot chocolate. 


1. What's your favourite Disney movie? 
2. What makeup product you couldn't live without? 
3. If you had to only take three things to a desert island, 
what would they be? 
4. Have you ever been in love? 
5. What was your first video game you've played? 
6. What is your most used app?
7. What's your favourite outfit? 
8. What shoes you couldn't live without? 
9. What's the last book you read? 
10. What is your funniest childhood memory?
11. Are you a dog or a cat person? 





With having Easter just around the corner I decided to paint some eggs after a really long time. It's been like 10 years since I've actually painted an Easter egg. Now I decided to take it to a whole new level and use nail polish marbling to get lovely space-a-like colours to our this years Easter eggs.


- eggs (obviously)
- water (~hand warm >37°C)
- nail polishes
- toothpicks
- paper
- I would also highly recommend 
you to use disposable gloves, 
my hands are basically purple now


1. Empty your eggs. 
2. Drop a little nail polish to the water, 
you must be quick because it dries 
super quickly.
3. Make a lovely pattern by using a toothpick and
drop the egg to the water. 
4. Pull egg out of the water and place it to 
dry to a paper. 

There you got a cute space themed Easter eggs, would you try this?


EDIT(22/03/16): I forgot to mention that we emptied eggs before decorating.



We are the generation that shares every bit and piece from their lives on different social media platforms. We are the generation who will let the food cool down while we're on a mission to get that perfect picture of our dish with perfect hashtags and filters. After sharing our plate on Instagram, we picturise it to the Snapchat. 
We take 100s of selfies during a day and none of them seems to look good in our eyes but we're still feeling the need to share our faces all around our social medias. 
Our generation seems to be living by likes, shares and followers. Seems like nothing else matters.
When does it go too far? When does it become an sick addiction? When does it change our self-image and makes us feel miserable?
     I use all the social medias every single day, but I don't see it like an addiction. I can go days without checking my facebook or instagram feed. I can go days without posting a thing to any of my social medias. If I post a new picture to Instagram, I honestly don't care how much likes it will get. Not every people feels like this and I guess I know why I feel about social media like I do.
When I was little, computers were so new thing. There was no internet access everywhere and our phones couldn't use wifi. We didn't even had colours in our phones and not to mention about touch screens. My luxury was having NOKIA3310 at age 10 and it had an awesome game called "Snakes" in it.
Today, kids at age 10 are wondering wheter their parents are going to buy them new iPhone, Samsung or Sony. Of course with unlimited use of data, calls and texts. Here I'm going to add that nowadays in Finland we're having unlimited 4G or 3G data access, unlimited texts and unlimited calls basically in every single phone. 
      Other day my fiancé told me how he was driving home from work and stopped to the red light. He saw how a little girl walked across the street without even looking if she had a green or red light. Her light turned to red and she just kept walking staring at her phone. His light turned to green and she still kept walking staring at her phone. My fiancé decided to teach her a lesson and put gear to neutral position so that when he slightly pressed gas, the car didn't move anywhere but made a noise like it would.
Girl immediately turned her head up and quickly ran across the street. 
My fiancé said that the girl had luck that he was there, because if there wouldn't be anyone and the light had been green someone could've just drive fast without noticing that girl who had no idea that her light had turned red. There could've been an accident.
     We walk around staring at our phones. We walk around without seeing what's going on outside of the Internet. We're living through the Internet without having any actual interaction with other people. When we go out with friends, we stare at our phones and text to each other. 
When we go out we want to share every single detail to our social media friends. Taking pictures, writing tweets, snapchatting with strangers and making photo albums to Facebook. What happened to printed photos and albums that are actually there - on your book shelves? When is the last time you read a book?
When is the last time you actually took a pencil and a blank paper and wrote something nice in it? When is the last time you knew the answer to a simple question like "what is the largest mammal in the world?" without using google to answer it for you?
It's blue whale if you're wondering.
I'm not here to judge anyones social media behaviour because I use them a lot too, but I want you all to think about how much you usually use time from your precious life to look after what everybody else is doing or eating.
I've put a lot of thinking to this lately and I just wanted to share everything that's going on my head at the moment.
     Is it worth it all, really? I'm challenging you to choose a day and spend it without using any social medias - let me know how it worked out. 

Just thoughts for your Friday, have fun and get some new experiences lovelies




Planning a wedding is absolutely exhausting. Not physically, but emotionally. It's not all about dancing through the roses. It's freaking horrendous and now I'm going to tell you why.

*picture is from here*

#1 WHAT'S YOUR...?

Every single question you get about your wedding. It's lovely at first but now when there's less than 2 months before the wedding, it's absolutely exhausting to answer all the questions multiple times a day. It's like, why can't I have a day off talking about my wedding or any other weddings? Pretty please. 


There's nothing wrong about offering the help, it's more than needed. Right way that works for me is to let me know that they're there for us if we needed any help or something.
Wrong way is to tell us what we should do. I know you might think that it's good to give some advice about what the colors should be on the decorations or how my dress should look and should I have a veil or not. Oh, and how I should wear high heels rather than Vans I've picked up especially for the wedding because I don't enjoy walking around in heels.
It feels like the person who wants to tell us what we should do than rather do it in our own way doesn't think we're capable of planning a wedding for almost 100 people.
It's like no, no, no and no. 


That's pretty simple. We invited the closest family members and friends. 
It doesn't mean that if there's a family members who have always been invited to all the parties around the world (if it includes your nephews cats sister and her beloved hamster) that we should do so too. No, we're not categorising people by who they are but by how they've been in our lives.
I think it's pretty rude for any family member or friend to ask why someone or themselves aren't invited. Or not so rude, but if they get mad about the fact that they're not invited - that's freaking ridiculous. 


This is what few unnamed people do so very often that I've decided to avoid these people before the wedding is over. I love the tips that I get but when you say that you prefer more of something we don't have in our wedding, it's freaking annoying. 
Oh, and planning stuff for our wedding without asking us.


It says in the invitation that "please inform us if you're coming or not to the wedding by sending a text to number X". How has this worked out? 
No it doesn't work at all, people will tell for our parents. 
It's not our parents who are planning this wedding, it's us. It's way easier for us that they let us know if they're coming or not - because I have all the lists of people who are invited so I can mark them down. 
I mean why? It says there right in the invitation card. 

♥ ♥ 

So, when people say that planning the wedding is horrible and emotionally exhausting, it really is. 
Yet so far, wedding is in two months and I still don't stress about it. For me it's just a piece of a paper and the party is for celebrating our love between us with our closest family members and friends. If I say that this is the worst thing I have ever started to - it still doesn't mean that I don't want to get married with the love of my life. It means that the good things always have some bad things in it too, otherwise it wouldn't be so good. 
Two weeks ago I was at the point where I almost decided to cancel the whole party just because of these things that I listed to this post and go to the magistrate with our bridesmaids and best men and cut all the family out of this. 
Now I'm just at the point that whatever anybody says, I couldn't care less. So family, if you're reading this - it's our wedding, our foods, our shoes & our guests - if you're not happy with it, I couldn't give a flying fuck about it. 
Sorry about the language, but that's the way it goes. 




Okay people, I've finally sailed my way to the wider and brand new foundation seas. If you remember my last post from a while ago when I reviewed Makeup Revolution London The Matte Effect - foundation,  you can remember that I actually was not so satified with that product. 
As a little recap, it didn't fill my needs of being a foundation in my face and cover all the awful small details. 
My little sister recommended me this very affordable L'Oréal Paris Infallible 24-Matte foundation and I picked it up in the shade Vanilla.

Packaging in this foundation is this super simple and cute tube with good font so my old eyes can actually see what the bottle says. Okay, that last one was trying to be funny. 
I've been using this for a few weeks now and I'm actually enjoying of using this. Compared to the old foundation I had, this one is a much thicker. I tend to mix this with face moisturiser so I can get it to be more bb-cream-a-like. I'm not used to this texture yet.
It's easy to spread and I'm using for spreading the Makeup Revolution London's "beauty blender", so it works out pretty well. 
This is also hiding really well all the flaws and Chanel's under my eyes, so points from that. It also stays on really well and my face doesn't look like a dead rodent after a rough day at work. 
I'm really satisfied. 
This also is really affordable, ~18.50€, but it was on sale when I got it so it was a whole lot cheaper. 

Have you ever tried this foundation?





pizza dough:

- 50g of yeast
- 4dl of water
- 3 tablespoons of oil
- about 5dl of flour

(basically what ever you want)
- tomatoes
- pepperoni
- mozzarella
you name it. 


1. Mix all the ingredients as shown in the video. 
2. Let the dough double its size.
3. Make a pizza, add the toppings.
4. Bake in the oven in 225°C degrees 8-15 minutes and enjoy. 




I don't have many lipsticks. Actually these five are the only ones and one of them is a lip pencil. 
Makeup Revolution London "To get lucky" is my night out lipstick, oh see the irony, when the shade "when you came to me" is something I use when I'm going to visit my family. 
"When you came to me" is lighter and slightly pink compared to darker "To get lucky".
The shade "we have come too far" I don't use in any special occasions, so it sure depends on what mood I am at that moment. 
SUPERWOW! lip pencil I got with my last order from MRL, I'm not sure about the shade but basically it's the only one of my lip products that is completely matte. 
MAC speed dial is my one and only MAC lipstick and that's for special occasions only. 

How many lipsticks do you have? 


ps. I've noticed that there's already 66 of you following via bloglovin, it's amazing thank you so much :-) *goes to plan the giveaway* 
Will there be 100 at the end of the month? 



What is rheumatoid arthritis actually?
Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic joint disease. It's not infectious even tho some people at my school first thought so when I was diagnosed with it. 
Reasons why people are diagnosed with this disease are unknown, but they've made research about things that are effecting for things that cause rheumatoid. 
These things are smoking, especially with men and it can also be inheritable. 
 For me, it effects mostly to my knees but I've noticed some pain in my fingers if I'm spending a lot of time writing with my computer. 
Rheumatoid arthritis can be controlled with eating, exercise and medication like the one's I used (Trexan & acid folic combination).
If the joint becomes inflamed, it's treated with cortisone. 

My little brother tends to cheer me up when I'm feeling sad, not that he would know anything about the stuff I'm going through but he's there. This picture is also super out of context in this blog post.

So why does having the rheumatoid arthritis sucks? 


If I'm trying to hold an object very tightly in my hands, I can't press it hard. That means that I'm basically unable to do pull ups, because my hands pressing force is so minimal that I can't hold myself up with my hands. 


Because the problem is with my knees, they're becoming a huge pain in the ass by just being there. If I stand or walk for too long, they're aching really bad. 
That means that if I once had a dream of becoming a professional dancer, I don't have it anymore. Dancing needs legs, mine doesn't work. 


If my knee joint becomes inflamed, the pain is insane. I can't walk, I just roll around the apartment trying to find me some pain killers. I proved it earlier today about an hour before writing this post. It doesn't feel good. Also, my right side knee is almost 3 times bigger than on the left side. 
Cold, uplift and compression huh? Well, it helps a little.


When I was on my rheumatoid medication I got fat. Yes, I know this is a bit superficial because it's health we're talking about - but after I read what medication can do to my body, it doesn't feel like that anymore. I did research on my own about the medication I was designated with and I found out that it contains ingredients that can have a negative impact for my future. 
You know, having babies and stuff so it didn't take long for me to figure out what for that acid folic was because acid folic is a really important thing when trying to get pregnant or being pregnant.


This is not like a chicken pox you get when you're 5-years-old and you never have to suffer from it again. 


This means that I'm getting flu and other stuff easier, because my immune system basically is attacking against my own cells. Becoming inflamed easier, because my immune system is destroying the wrong cells. 


Which basically means that because my medication is so rough stuff, it can destroy the foetus at any time. So if I ever get pregnant, it's going to be hard and a painful journey. For my knees, because of gaining weight and after using medication that basically hurts my wombs fertility.
It still doesn't mean that I won't be able to have babies, I am and it's kind of a relieving thing to know. And who knows, when the time someday (not very soon) comes, it might not be painful or difficult at all. 

This was just a little info package about the stuff I've been going through with my life earlier and now that my knee is aching pretty badly, I think I have to set an appointment for my doctor after three "healthy" quiet years. I've been suffering this for 9 years now and it sucks but I'm kind of used to it. It has become the part of who I am and if I'm feeling any pain I know when to calm down.
Especially at work where I need to walk all the time and everywhere, when I'm in a lot of pain I sit down, breathe and try to do my work while sitting. 
Easier said than done.




1. Days will become brighter.

2. Smell of the asphalt. 

3. Sun is shining more often.

4. Birds are singing. 

5. Seeing the snow slowly fading away.

6. That feeling you get when you know
that summer is just around the corner.

7. Days are getting warmer.

8. Less clothing. 
And no, I don't mean being half-naked 
or naked. I can throw my parka and 
sweaters away and start to enjoy those 
lovely warm days.

9. It won't be so dark when I'm on my
way to work. 

10. Everything just feels more carefree. 

11. Vans.

12. Seeing how leaves are slowly evolving to the trees.

13. Fresh home grown vegetables are
making their way to food markets. 

14. Mornings are getting warmer. 

15. Having an actual inspiration
to do something with my life.

16. Feeling more productive. 

17. Knowing that vacation gets 
closer and closer.

18. When it's actually nice to leave
the apartment without being a frozen
snowman after going outside. 
Yea, guess what? Snowmen are frozen already -

19. Flowers.

20. Life seems a bit brighter.

What do you love about Spring? 




Last month was really eventful and that inspired me to do this monthly favourites post a bit differently. No worries, I already published beauty favourites post and now I'm going to share my favourite moments of February with you guys. 

6th of

I was supposed to go to bar with two of my co-workers but other one of them couldn't get there, so we ended up being alone with Mika. It was a bit bummer that Pete was unable to come because we had a such a great time. 

14th of

This day was my favourite because.. Well isn't it obvious? And doesn't that cake look absolutely delicious? Well lucky you I might have the recipe here if you like ;)

19th of 

Even though the day itself was absolutely exhausting, it was great to go to feel that nostalgia anxiety when I walked to my old school auditorium. It was a quick trip back home and I saw my little brother that day. 

26th of 

One of my greatest friends and one of the bestman's in our wedding decided to come visit us. He stayed the night and it was so lovely to spend time with him, catching up and all. 

27th of

Mika & I decided to bring up some excitement to our boring day at work and we were tasting these new KarlFazer chocolates. Iced coffee & mud cake was my favourite flavour, it was so super delicious! 

29th of

My co-worker Maija & I went for a walk to the downtown. We were just chatting and walking around Helsinki. We also ended up walking over 7 kilometres which is a bit odd for me, because I don't do that haha.

How was your February? 




Over the past few weeks I've been challenging myself to think about 100 things that are making me happy. That's a pretty necessary for me to do, because year 2015 was such a pain in the ass. Emotionally. It was hard.
So now that I'll have a lists of things that are making me happy, maybe one day I'll completely can forget all the bad stuff that has happened and get focused to all the good stuff. I'm pretty sure it'll work out for me. Eventually.

1. I'm going to marry one of my
best friends so very soon.

2. I've got the most amazing
fiancé in the world.

3.  My friends are awesome.

4. I can call my grandmother whenever
 I want and share anything
I want to share with her.

5. My little brother is probably
 the best thing that has
ever came to my life.
6. I have a steady financial situation.

7. I've got a permanent job.

8. Chocolate.

9. I've got awesome co-workers.

10. I really like my job.
Well, if I didn't,
I guess I wouldn't wake up
at 4AM every single morning.

11. Guinea pigs.

12. The way he looks at me.

13. This blog.
Feels like I've found
the passion to write again.

14. Writing.

15. The way I write my blog posts.
Blank paper and a pencil.

16. I cry a little less every day.

17. When our guinea pigs
get out of their cage and
are discovering
our living room.

18. late mornings.

19. coffee.
20. getting organized.

21. sunshine.

22. traveling.

23. pizza.

24. funny youtube videos.

25. hugs.
I'm not a hugger,
so if I hug you,
you must be really
special to me.

26. My grandfather promised
to walk me down the aisle.

27. fresh oranges for breakfast.

28. strawberries.

29. thinking of summer...

30. ... and new potatoes!

31. taking pictures.

32. hanging out with friends.

33. baking.

34. having a plenty of
time to do my makeup.

35. eating out.

36. when it's day off
and you don't have to
wake up at 4AM.

37. when you wake up at
2AM and realise that
you can still continue
sleeping for 2 hours.

38. waking up to a
smell of the fresh coffee.

39. staying home instead
of going out partying.

40. hotel beds.

41. smell of the ocean.

42. beach.

43. not being recognised
as a finn outside of

44. music.

45. singing.

46. funny movie.

47. kisses. from my fiancé,
just to be clear.

48. reading a good book.

49. achieving something.

50. good gossips.

51. the sims.

52. candles.

53. body scrubs.

54. pampering evenings.

55. seeing a baby smiling.

56. when hair looks good.

57. my new hand bag,
sounds a bit superficial
but what can you do.

58. when he says he loves me.

59. sweet texts.

60. when I've accomplished
something that I've planned.

61. when packing my suitcase before

62. hear the birds singing.

63. random people smiling.

64. coffee breaks at work.

65. potatoes.

66. new comment on
the blog.

67. dancing.

68. doing a huge netflix

69. sleeping.

70. sleeping next to him.

71. long conversations.

72. sunday breakfast.

73. hearing a guinea pig sneeze.

74. long hot shower
after a rough day
at work.

75. when makeup looks good.

76. new lipstick.

77. dreaming.

78. doing lists.

79. sunset at the beach.

80. finding a restaurant
what does have amazing french fries.

81. french fries.

82. when he takes
me out on a date.

83. taking pictures
for my blogposts.

84. the look our guinea pigs
give me when I chat & play
with them.

85. peanut the piggie.

86. how my legs feel
after shaving.

87. traveling to Spain.

88. baths.

89. ocean.

90. sand.

91. palm trees.

92. when I go to my
happy place.

93. new shoes.

94. the way my little
brother looks at me.

95. when I see how good my
fiancé is with kids.

96. cooking.

97. when it's perfect lightning
to shoot some pictures.

98. how little things
make me smile.

99. drawing.

100. plans for this year.





Who doesn't like to feel like being in a spa during a day off? It's so relaxing and all. 
I'm trying to do this routine at least once a week, but it has been a while since I last treated myself with body scrub and a face mask. When did life become so hectic? 
First, I use the LUSH Cup O' Coffee  face and body mask, just to my face tho. I wash it off during showering and when I do this routine I thank the one who have decided that our water bill doesn't come separately. I could literally spend there ages shaving my legs and after shaving I use The Body Shop Wild Argan oil body scrub
I wash myself with The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Bubbling Bath cream, but yea, where's my tub if I may ask? I would take a bath, but no. 
After showering I moisturise my face and skin with using LUSH Dream Cream & Skindrink moisturisers. 

How do you spend your day off mornings? 





- 350g of pasta Penne
- 2 chicken breast files
- 1 package of bacon (if you 
want to leave it off, it's totally fine -
pasta will be still delicious!)
- 1 onion
- 2 garlic nails
- 1 box of cherry tomatoes
- 1 tablespoon of chicken fond du
- 1 box of spinach
- 3dl of food cream

& parmesan cheese, salt & pepper for seasoning
(I left the salt off because bacon has so much salt 
in it)


1. Heat the oven in 200°C degrees 
and cook the chicken for 15-25 minutes.

2. Boil the pasta in 
salted water.

3. Slice the bacon and
put it to a cold frying pan. Let it 
heat up slowly so the grease will melt.

4. Add sliced onion & garlic and cook them
in the frying pan until the bacon is ready.

5. Cut tomatoes in  half and add them to
the pan. Season with salt & pepper.

6. Add cream and fond du & let it cook for few minutes.

7. Add sauce to the pasta and
put spinach to the mix.

8. You can slice the chicken and mix it with
the pasta, or leave it like I did and then add some parmesan 
& enjoy your pasta. 


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