REVIEW: makeup revolution london the matte effect foundation

This is my most used makeup product at the moment. It promises to last up to 16 hours. Mine is in shade "natural beige".
What do I actually think about this product?

Well, I'm not as satisfied. You probably know the "Jenkins" episode from How I Met Your Mother. It's about how Lily and Marshall are questioning which one of them is the settler and which one is the reacher in their relationship.
Well, with this foundation and our little half year relationship we've had so far, I must say that I'm the settler. But you know, it's really hard to find the perfect match with foundations.
This shade is perfect for my skin, but the texture in this product is just meh. 
It's so light and I need to use plenty of concealer to hide all the ugly details in my face. Like Chanels under my eyes and stuff.

Yet I still find myself buying another tube. Why? Because it's so freaking cheap. That's a great thing about this product. It's actually really cheap. It's okay, but I know I could do better. 
That's why I'm going to set myself a goal here.
When this runs out, I'm heading to new foundation seas. 
That's what I will do.
Pinky promise.



  1. I'm also terrible for sticking to a perfect foundation once I've found the right match even if the texture isn't all that great. I might just have to join you on that promise!

    Beka. xo | littleworldofbeka

    1. let's make that promise together :D

  2. The only one that's ever perfectly matched for me is Nars sheer glow but it's so expensive so I've gone back to drugstore foundation. I have to mix two shades to get it just about right! xx

    Emma | https://emmagkershaw.wordpress.com/


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