my daily makeup routine

In todays post I'm going to talk you through the makeup products that I use in daily basis. 
I'm a fan of light makeup and there's not really that much of makeup that I apply to my face every morning. And luckily, my everyday makeup is really basic and quick to do. 
I couldn't use eyeliner at 4:30AM half a sleep.

This is something I've found very useful when it comes to hiding these Chanel's under my eyes.

This is really light, which is really great use for work days. I also did a review about this earlier, so if you're interested to know why I'm changing to the wider foundation seas after this one runs out - click  *here*.
When I'm actually going out, I won't be using this foundation.

Third step of doing my daily makeup is this powder. It actually keeps my face matte which is a great thing.

I'm basically attempting to contour my face with this. I'm a bit newbie when it comes to makeup, but I look like a human being afterwards so.

This is my eye makeup essential I couldn't live without. My eyes feel a bit naked without this mascara. 
Do you have any makeup products you can't live without? 

I finish my look with this lovely thing. 

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scary elevator

Our elevator was acting a bit crazy few weeks ago. I just had a bad dream during the night and I was still feeling a bit awful about it. My fiancé said that on that Wednesday when I walked out of our front door I just left standing there, went completely pale and was staring to the hallway like I just saw a ghost.
Hah, maybe our building is haunted or something, but that day the elevator was acting out.
What did I saw then when I walked out that door?
First I saw a light, which was bit odd at first, because usually when I walk out pop the door I have to turn the lights on. It's pitch dark there.
Elevator doors were wide open and the light that reached to the hallway was coming from that elevator. The doors were wide open and there wasn't anybody in it.
It was so creepy and it had never happened before. So no, I'm not using that elevator anymore.
And yes, every day I get home from work, I take the stairs to our floor. 5th floor.
But it's just good exercise right?



home inspiration @ IKEA

One of my closest friends got here today and I brought him to Ikea with us. 
Reason I wanted to go there was to get to see what's new, because it has been a while since my last visit over there. I got so super inspirated. Especially with the kitchen section. 
I really can't wait until we get our own apartment. The one which is completely our own and we can re-decorate and paint it however we want. 
And the best part of it? Designing our own lovely kitchen. 

The oven in this last picture is absolutely adorable. I fell in love with the second it got into my sight. So freaking adorable. 

I love the way how Ikea shows their designs. It definitely makes me want to buy it all and I guess that's the best part of going there. 
Money flies away from your wallet like bird set free. 
That lamp was only 12,99€ and I don't know yet where I would put it, but when I do know - I will buy it. It's so simple and beautiful. 

I used to enjoy so much of dressmaking, but when I moved out from mom's I really haven't used the sewing machine since. I think it would be lovely to start all over again. Would need a bit practise to be honest.
Only thing we bought was that world map print board and I'll get back to you with it later when I'm showing you little something we're about to do in our little kitchen. 


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the pros and cons of being a blogger

With every hobby, job and a thing you do has it's own pros and cons. I decided to make my own list of the pros and cons of being a blogger. You know, blogging is a hard and committed work
This is basically for everyone who is wondering to start a blog or wants to know more about blogging. 


- you can express yourself

- planning posts is actually
really fun

- receiving lovely and supporting
comments makes you happy
and gives you the motivation
to go on

- gaining readers is more
rewarding you could imagine
"Wow, someone actually
reads this crap!"

- you'll get to join amazing 
blog community and meet
people all around the world.
Or your country if you're 
writing with your native 
language, that is something 
else than english.


- hate comments.
It's a thing you should ignore 
completely and not mind about.
Is it easy? 
Not really. 

- when people imagine that blogging
is easy source of income. 
Want to hear the truth? 
If you're not Zoella, it really isn't. 
It's a really hard work that gets you
to the point to earn money from
your social media influence.

- scheduling. tweeting. promoting.
Wouldn't it just be easier if everyone just
magically finds your blog 
without promoting it in any way?

- when people say: "you're doing
your blog-thing just because of all the free
Yea, well. Hate to break it to you but
we don't get free stuff floating from 
our doors and windows. Umm. Nope.
I wouldn't mind tho.

- writers block. 
There comes a time when your
inspiration is gone. It can last
days, weeks or even months
but it will come back eventually.
Sooner or later.

Do you have anything to add to this list of pros and cons of being a blogger?


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the kiwi fruit

I'm obsessed. 
Kiwi fruit is something that not all of us find delicious. This February I've been more than obsessed to these goodies. I don't know, I kind of enjoy of it's taste. 
I did a bit research about kiwi fruit and I found out how healthy it actually is, so for me I guess - this is a good obsession. 
It contains a lot of vitamin A & C and it also contains magnesium. 

(serves 4)


- 5 kiwi fruits
- 2 bananas
- 1/2 l of vanilla yoghurt


1. Peel the kiwi's & bananas.
2. Put all the ingredients to the blender.
3. Flavor it with honey or add muesli if you want it to be more "foody".




Okay, I might have scrolled through the Makeup Revolution London's website once again and just because I needed some new makeup brushes. Well, we all know that when things doesn't cost that much, we're more likely to buy something we weren't supposed to buy in the first place and those are things what we call impulse purchases. These are from IMAKEUP Blushing Hearts collection and firstly I fell in love with how they're packed. 
You know, cute little hearts filled with stuff that make you look and feel pretty. 
All the bronzers and blushers are only 4,99£ so I made sure I got two of these. 
I got the bronzer in shade called Love Hot Summer and the blusher was Peachy Pink Kisses. I can't wait to get to use these properly but I'm having a good feeling about these goodies. 

Do you make impulse purchases? 



190216 | MY DAY

I've seen a ton of these kinds of posts where you're using snapchat to My day blogpost. I'm currently writing this on our way home. J's driving and I'm basically editing pictures.
It's really early wakeup tomorrow because I got work, but I guess I'll survive. At least I hope so.

My morning basically started with the wrong shoes. It was 0°C degrees out and everything was kind of frozen and really slippery. Converse definitely wasn't the right choice for today's shoes. I've learned that and now I just have to remember that. 

I couldn't resist buying a huge Olaf when I saw it at the Hamley's. It was so cute! I'm also pretty sure that I became "that weirdo who's obsessed to Frozen" at work today. Also, my boss had no clue what this snowman was so I basically had to educate him. 
J also had put a very random reminder to our family group reminders so of course I got a bit confused. 

Today at work was absolutely exhausting once again and I was ready to leave after 1PM today. I'm still super tired but instead of sleeping during this little road trip back to home I decided to write this post. 
I also took a picture of my outfit for today at the locker room and I'm wearing:

Parka - Noisy May
Jacket - Vero Moda
Top - Ted Baker
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Converse

J picked me up from work and Olaf and I were waiting him outside in the little rain. It also takes almost 3 hours to drive to our moms place. 

We had a pitch stop at Riihimäki ABC to fill the tank. 

Well obviously I had to take pictures of Olaf on the road. It's just that I get really easily bored when I'm on the car so I need to entertain myself somehow. This is a normal 21-year-old behaviour, right? 

The real reason we took this little road trip today was my cousins prom. She was absolutely stunning! I loved her turquoise dress. This is a tradition in Finland at upper secondary schools. When seniors are leaving for reading vacation for the finals, sophomores are dancing to school, family and friends. After the prom they're having an afterparty where they usually get absolutely wasted and continue that celebration going to a cruise to Stockholm. Hah, been there, done that. 
All for celebrating being oldest at the school.

I found this lovely wine bottle from the liquor store and it has my favourite hockey team shirt & logo in it. I didn't buy it tho, but it was just fun! 
Our tradition is to get something to eat from the local grill "Vilkku" and I always have french fries with grill seasoning. It's my absolute favourite and these are best fries I've ever had ever. Really. So damn good. 

We had time to stop by and have a cup of coffee at one of my best friends house and it was really nice to see her after a really long time. 

Now we're on our way home and my usual wake up at 4AM waits. I think we'll be home at 12AM so I can sleep for 4 hours, but it was totally worth it. 



the breakfast club

First of all I want to point out that I featured in BeautyBugg's blogger of the week post and you should definitely go to check out this lovely blog. 
Click *here* to read the interview. 

Sunday is basically the only day of the week when we're able to sit down to a same breakfast table together. Last Sunday I did these amazing american style pancakes and I decided to share recipe to these lovely little creatures with you.
We have this tiny egg frying pan and it was like made to cook these pancakes, so I highly recommend you to use one if you got one.



- 2,5dl of milk
- 2 tablespoons of oil
- 1 egg
- 1 tablespoon of sugar
- 1/2 teaspoon of salt
- 1 tablespoon of baking powder
- 2,5dl of flours
- oil to the frying pan when being cooked, but I used butter because it doesn't get so hot and burn the pancakes. 


1. Mix egg and oil to the milk.
2. Add dry ingredients and mix it well. 
3. Heat the frying pan and use oil/butter to cook. 

Serve with maple syrup, sugar or fresh berries and enjoy. 

Do you have any special days when you really load your breakfast? 



REVIEW: makeup revolution london the matte effect foundation

This is my most used makeup product at the moment. It promises to last up to 16 hours. Mine is in shade "natural beige".
What do I actually think about this product?

Well, I'm not as satisfied. You probably know the "Jenkins" episode from How I Met Your Mother. It's about how Lily and Marshall are questioning which one of them is the settler and which one is the reacher in their relationship.
Well, with this foundation and our little half year relationship we've had so far, I must say that I'm the settler. But you know, it's really hard to find the perfect match with foundations.
This shade is perfect for my skin, but the texture in this product is just meh. 
It's so light and I need to use plenty of concealer to hide all the ugly details in my face. Like Chanels under my eyes and stuff.

Yet I still find myself buying another tube. Why? Because it's so freaking cheap. That's a great thing about this product. It's actually really cheap. It's okay, but I know I could do better. 
That's why I'm going to set myself a goal here.
When this runs out, I'm heading to new foundation seas. 
That's what I will do.
Pinky promise.



15 blogs to follow #3

It's time for another list of lovely blogs I've found from the amazing world of the Internet. "15 blogs to follow" is basically a series where I gather 15 blogs you should go follow just because they're awesome. I'm not going to say anything about these blogs, because I want you to find your own way to see these without any first impression coming from me. 
This is the 3rd one of these and the first one you'll find from here and the second one from here



what to do on the valentine's day?

Valentine's day isn't all about the gifts and cards to your loved ones. 
It's about spending time with them. 


If you want to spend your Valentine's with your boyfriend of girlfriend or just a bunch of friends - coffee date is always a good idea. 
What wouldn't be more fun than eat a few cupcakes and drinking coffee with catching up the latest gossips with a good company. 


Gather around a group of your loved ones and go to eat to your favourite restaurant.


We all know what this is. 
Just had to add this to a list of things to do on the Valentine's.


Buttered pop corn.
Good movie.
Closest friends.
So lovely.

What do you usually do on Valentine's day? Do you spend it with your friends or with your loved one? 
Happy Valentine's day to all of you lovelies.

♥ Jasmin


white chocolate cake for the Valentine's Day

Instead of making a usual round cake, I decided to make this recipe more Valentine's Day -ish-. 
I had this annoying heart shaped silicone cupcake mould and I just basically did 8 tiny cakes. 



- 170g oat biscuits
- 75g of butter


- 4 gelatines
- 1 tablespoon of citron or lime juice
- 200g of white chocolate
- 200g unflavored cream cheese
- 2 tablespoons of sugar
- 2 egg whites
- 2dl of double cream


1. Melt the butter, crush the cookies and mix them together. Press the mix on the bottom of the mould. You want to add some baking paper if you're doing this as a whole cake and using springform cake pan (Ø22-24cm).

2. Soak the gelatines in cold water for 5 minutes. 

3. Whip the sugar and egg whites. Then whip the double cream in a separate bowl.

4. Melt the chocolate and whip the cream cheese in the chocolate. Boil the citron juice and soak the gelatines in, then whip it together with white chocolate mix.

5. Mix carefully the creams and the chocolate mix together, pour the filling in to the cake pan and leave it in the fridge for a night. 



card inspiration for the valentine's


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