we are the champions

Today has been such a cold day and by cold I mean it has been freezing out there. -24°C degrees, that's enough.
Or not, It could get colder.
There's absolutely one thing that will warm up finns at the moment and it's that Finland won gold at ice hockey World Junior Championships yesterday.
It warms us up that much that we can go swimming naked at the middle of the Helsinki to a fountain. Everyone got their styles to celebrate this happy event.
I settled to stay in today instead of going to celebrate outside because, yea, IT'S FREAKING FREEZING OUT THERE. Hahah, makes me think of the beaches with white sand and blue water.
Reason I'm bringing up this hockey theme around here is because I really do enjoy watching it, it's like the most Finnish thing to do, but it doesn't matter. And it's probably the main reason why these 1,5 weeks out here has been such a quiet ones. Hah.
Do you follow hockey?

Video, jonka jjjasuuu (@jjjasuuu) julkaisi



  1. Mä seuraan jääkiekkoa silleen silmäkulmasta kun mies kattelee :D Silti, tosi hieno asia että tuli kultaa! ^^

    ♥ Sini | myblog-bysini.blogspot.fi

    1. Meillä se meni ensin niin päin että mä seurasin ja sitten sain tuon kanssa seuraamaan :D


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