my morning routine | UPDATE

4:00AM - My alarm goes on. I don't get out of bed, I hit the snooze button. Oh my, what have I become? Snooze button! Seriously. Me.

4:15AM - My alarm goes on for the second time. I crab my phone from the charger and start scrolling through my social medias. Nothing wakes you up better than your iPhone's screen light at the mornings right? It hurts.

4:30AM - I can finally get myself out of the bed. This is the moment when I spend 5 minutes from my mornings just to find my pants.

4:35AM - Coffeemaker is turned on, I've found myself from our bathroom brushing my teeth. 

4:37AM - I'm starting to do something to my face. Btw, would you be interested about my daily makeup routine? I could make a post of it. 

4:45AM - I'm pouring the coffee to my beloved moomin mug and because I won't be using any milk, I leave it to cool down for a while.

4:46AM - This is the moment when I do something to my hair. Basically just brush it and do some straightening to control my curls. 

4:50AM - I'm happily in our kitchen drinking my morning coffee. Going through some blogs and vlogs & reading some news. 

5:00AM - I'll wake my fiancĂ© up. Yelling his name like 5 to 10 times so he would wake up, sometimes it even takes 15 times. 

5:10AM - I'm starting to prepare to leaving our apartment.

5:16AM - I'm taking the same lift to downstairs with our neighbour, usually. 

5:22AM - I'm ending up to the same bus stop with that same neighbour. 

5:25AM - I'm on the bus going to work. 



  1. Thats one really flipping early morning!! And i thought waking up at 7am was tough...


    1. Haha, it sure is :D every day

  2. Wow, you're waking up so early! I honestly admire that since i'm sometimes struggling to get out of bed at 8 am lol
    P.S. I would love to see your daily make up routine!

    1. I wish I could sleep to 8 haha :D

  3. Wow you wake up so early! Love the cute cup though!

    xoxo, Christina

    Stray Birds and Lavender

    1. Too early if you ask me :D

  4. I feel your pain! When I drove school busses, it was 4am, snooze till 430am! Was like the absolute latest I could c sleep, lol without being late! Your coffee mug is super adorable, and I really love this style of post!

    1. You've been driving school buses? COOL! :D


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