I'm just ready to take my passport and go.

You know the moment when you want to head straight to the airport and buy a one-way ticket to anywhere. Basically at this point where I am at the moment, Sweden would be good enough. 
I'm such a wanderlust. I want to travel. My travel needs haven't been fulfilled yet. I would even enjoy a weekend getaway here in Finland, explore the new city. Take some lovely pictures. 
This summer, I'm pretty sure we are not able to travel anywhere. I mean, well. I'm going to go to Stockholm with Maija to watch Coldplay, but I still don't count going to Sweden as actually leaving the country. It's too close.
I've been scrolling through my photos from Spain and Berlin and I'm just ready to take my passport and go. Do you ever get this feeling? 
I wish it was that simple. My vacation won't be until the summer and my money is all going to our wedding, so no travel plans for this summer then huh? 
We'll see what I'm going to figure out. Hopefully something. Winning in a lottery. Or something. 


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