top 10 posts in 2015

I've seen loads of these type of posts and what would be better way to end up the year 2015 than going through the most popular blog posts of the year. 
This year hasn't been the greatest of all but I'm super glad that we've got here all the great memories in this top 10 list. 
I'm finishing 2015 in a flu with this amazing almost 38°C degree fever, so let's just move on to that list.

// Olen nähnyt näitä tämän tyyppisiä postauksia ja mikä olisikaan parempi tapa päättää vuosi 2015 kuin käymällä läpi vuoden suosituimmat postaukset. 
Tämä vuosi ei nyt ole ollut mitä mahtavin, mutta olen tosi iloinen siitä että tähän kärkikymmenikköön on valikoitunut ihania muistoja. 
Päätän vuoden 2015 flunssassa sohvan pohjalla kera melkein 38°C:n kuumeen, joten jatketaampa siihen listaan.

You guys know how into dc-fixing I've been this year and starting from our kitchen I continued to our bathroom. It's still unfinished tho. 
Published: 14/7/2015
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We got engaged this year, which is pretty awesome. Wedding planning is going on like a train and almost everything is planned. Yet need to find perfect dresses for my bridesmaids. 
Published: 11/11/2015
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Winnie the Pooh taught me I'm perfect the way I am.
Cinderella taught me that if you work hard enough you'll make it to your goals & always be kind to everyone no matter how badly they treat you.
Rapunzel taught me to follow my own heart.
Elsa taught me not to marry a man I just met.
Ohana means family and family means that no one leaves behind.
Published: 2/11/2015
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We did a complete makeover to our bedroom earlier and it's still so much better than it used to. 
Published: 9/9/2015
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Published: 23/5/2015
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Published: 22/8/2015
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This one is a quite fresh in memory. We baked some gingerbread men with my little brother last week. 
Published: 26/12/2015
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Published: 7/11/2015
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Published: 17/8/2015
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"How do you prepare for this? Well, everyone of us knows at least a little how to take a care of a human baby, but a guinea pig! I prepared own place for this new little family in 20 minutes and googled everything about how to take a care of a guinea pig baby. 
Literally everything. 
It's cute and all, but seriously, a baby guinea pig"

Published: 12/10/2015
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I really want to thank you all, you've made this year memorable. 
I'm starting to write down some lovely goals for 2016. 
Wish you all the best & most of all, may your 2016 be freaking awesome! 

// Tähän väliin haluan kiittää teitä kaikkia, te ootte tehnyt tästä vuodesta ikimuistoisen. 
Mä alankin nyt kirjoittelemaan uudenvuoden"lupauksia". 
Kaikkea hyvää & mikä tärkeintä, olkoon 2016 ihan hiton mahtava! 



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