I'm out of words. I'm speechless. Even that I won't pray under any circumstanses, I'm willing to do an exception in this one. My prayers are with everyone who have lost their loved ones and with everyone this devastating attack has been touched in any way.
It's even hard to put things in words.
I hate where this world is going to and what it has become. 
I don't care how religious one can be, but if there's any part in it what convinces you to kill other people for as a sick sacrifying gift to your God, start with yourself. Without harming any innocent humanbeings. 
Now it's just important to remember that it's only a tiny part of this religious group who believes that way, not everyone. 
I don't know, maybe this post won't make any sense anymore, but I believe you got the message.

#prayforparis #prayfortheworld

❤️ Jasmin

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