20 random facts about me

I saw this type of a blog post over at Ilse Daniëlle's blog and decided to do my own. Basically the idea of this thing is that I'm going to tell you 20 random facts about me, something you might already know or you don't know so you'd really get to know who actually is over this side of the screen. 
I'm going to do this post completely in english, just to try out how it'll end up. It's refreshing change. 

1. I'm obsessed of playing The Sims. I've been playing since the first one came out. The Sims 2 has always been my absolute favourite and it still is. I haven't played The Sims 4 that much, but it'll change - I started making videos of me playing it over my youtube channel. 

2. I have been dancing for 11 years. Ballet, jazz, show, street dance, break dance & hiphop.

3. I haven't been dancing for a while now because I was diagnosed with rheumatoid several years ago.

4. I refuse to celebrate Christmas or my own birthday if there's not snow on the ground.

5. Sometimes I stand in front of the mirror and pretend to be a famous singer/dancer and put on a complete show with headphones on and music freaking loud.

6. I speak Finnish, english and spanish fluently and know a little bit germany and swedish.

7. Our neighbors probably think I'm Spanish, because every time I don't understand something I yell "Ay qué?" or when something surprising happens "qué pasa?". I also swear a lot, in spanish.

8. I've been in a relationship for five years and we're getting married next summer.

9. I grew up without a father, so my grandpa is going to walk me down the aisle.

10. I got two levels of tired.
      - level 1: zombie
      - level 2: hyper activated over excited rabbit

11. My favourite holiday is Christmas, mostly because of Panda's nougat bars called "Enkeli". I could just eat them all day, all night, wtf.

12. I've been super obsessed to knitting lately and I started to make my own blanket yesterday. 

13. 13 is my lucky number. 

14. Before I moved to Helsinki, I've had travelled from place A to B by subway only twice.

15. I've got into detention only twice. 
      - from sending a post it on 3th grade
      - leaving school area on 7th grade

16. I wanted to become a professional dancer. 

17. I read a lot. And it's not book or two in a month, it's 4 minimum. 

18. I've already decided names for my future children. (psycho alert)

19. I hate candy, but I love chocolate.

20. That person who discovered potatoes, is my God. I could eat potatoes in every single form, except mashed potatoes doesn't go down. 




  1. I really enjoyed reading this post! Thanks also for mentioning me, I am glad you got inspiration from my blog! I love the Sims too, I played a lot Sims freeplay on my phone and Sims3 on my pc. Hahaha and Spanish is so cool, I laughed while reading that :)

    Xx Ilse

    1. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed reading this :-) hahha, yea, everytime we go to Spain people there think I'm spanish too, so maybe I should move down there :D

  2. WAU ootteko menossa naimisiin!! ❤️ Ihanaa ja onnea ihan älyttömästi teille. Voi miten ihanaa! :')

    1. Hehhe, odottelinkin jo että millon joku tarttuu tohon kohtaan :-) joo, kiitos :-)

  3. Sulla on aivan ihana ulkoasu!


  4. Enkelikarkit on taivaallisen hyviä ja paljon onnea! : )

    1. Ne on! Kiitos sille ketä ne on keksinyt :D kiitos:-)

  5. omg I love the sims, the video was awesome!

    ♥ Ellen

  6. Musta olis tooooosi ihanaa, jos jaksaisit pitää hää-blogia! Haaveista käytännön juttuihin ja kaikkiin järjestelyihin ja asioihin :---)

    1. Itseasiassa oon suunnitellu vähän sen tyylisii postauksii tän blogin puolelle :-) emmä sille erikseen jaksa mitään alkaa vääntää, enkä tätä kuitenkaan mikskään hääblogiks muuta täysin kokonaan. Mut semmosia bits and bobs you know juttuja :D

  7. I've never had any detentions before haha!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

    1. Hahahah that's actually a good thing :D


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