it's time for a little Q&A

Is there something you want to know about me? 
Put your questions in the comment box down below and ask me anything you want to know about me. 
You have time until 30th of September and then I'm starting to answer to your questions. 
Comment box is yours !

Onko jotakin jota haluaisit tietää minusta?
Kysy kysymyksesi kommenttiboksissa ja kysy multa ihan mitä tahansa mitä haluat tietää minusta.
Aikaa on 30.9. asti ja sitten alan vastailla kysymyksiinne.
Kommenttiboksi on siis kokonaan teidän ! 


  1. Miksi bloggaat? :)

  2. You have a lovely blog x
    I've written a new blog post, it would mean a lot if you could check it out :)

  3. Just read you're about page..
    Since when do you live alone ? What do you wanna be someday? Are you still in school?
    And do you wanna be my bloggerrrfrieeeeend :P ^_^

    xx trayel


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