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WKND2014 | DAY 2

It's surprisingly hard to try to take outfit pictures when there's four guys disturbing it. My childhood friend Teemu came to visit us on Friday and on Saturday we find few more of our childhood friends. yay.

On yllättävän vaikeeta ottaa "päivän asu"-kuvaa kun neljä hyypiötä pörrää siinä ympärillä. Mun lapsuudenkaveri Teemu tuli meille perjantaina & lauantaina löydettiin muutama lisää. jee!

WKND2014 | DAY 1

Yesterday we went to Weekend Festival which is held in here, Helsinki. This was my first time there and I really must say that it's not really my thing. There's so many people (which is kind of usual in these kinds of places haha), but they all were so drunk and I didn't have that feeling to drink anything at all so.. They we're jumping so hard that ground was shaking, it felt so creepy but at a same time really exciting.
Today we're heading there again and hopefully I like what I see today ! :-D haha, at least I got a new clothes so!